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Character Build: The Abyssherald

Call of Cthulhu' Shows We Need to Move Past H.P. Lovecraft Once and for All

"Sate your thirst for knowledge in the endless stacks of my library."

Hermaeus Mora



Tscaern left Blackmarsh decades ago, in search of knowledge... The darkest secrets are the most useful. It was in the Sea of Ghost that he settled... A gla

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Character Build: The Stampede

Crossworlds 2: Electric Bungaloo
Character Build: The Stampede




(Absolutely contains spoilers.)

  The Nord looks down, kneeling on the ground as the bolt still charged on the crossbow pokes at his head. His lungs are burning, his quic

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Character Build: The Grey Knight (Vanilla)

[The Grey Knight]




A high elf, because they are tall, and have some bonuses in magical arts.


The Grey Knight was once a servant of Jyggalag, prince of order. He was a lifeless, senseless and colorless stone-like knight. During the event

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