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Where are you from

I was on the discord group today and saw conversations at 4am my time and then it hit me most of ye guys aren't from Ireland like me so I'm just wondering where are ye guys from. 


*if you aren't comfortable commenting your home country just say a con

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Factions you wish were joinable

In skyrim not all factions in the game are joinable such as the vigilants,aldmerie dominion,alkir,black blood mauraders,the afflicted,forsworn*,hunters of hircine ,silver hand,mystic dawn,psijic oder,summerset shadows,synod,morag tong and some others

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Character Build: The Insurgent

 hi I'm rojer my second build so all feedback is incredibly appreciated but anyways I hope you enjoy the build thanks.3283725661?profile=RESIZE_710x


the insurgent grew up in the black marsh as part of a gorrila warfare group who would interrupt dark elvish slavers. He first kill

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Rdr2 online builds

Hi everyone I was just wondering if anyone played reddeadredempion2 online I was curious because I've been playing rdr2 online since launch and was thinking about a back story for my character and it just hit me rdr2 character builds. I was wondering

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Discord for skyforge

Wondering if we've ever had a discord server I think it would be cool if we had a large group chat to discuss thing in a more casual aside from the general discussion posts. This would be useful for community discussions such as the ESO discussion bu

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Character Build: The Reverend

Before the war the Reverend was a nomadic priest who traveled along from town to town all over tamriel teaching of the ways of stendarr. Until the war. Suddenly the once bustling towns and villages were silent as more and more children begged on the

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