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Chapter 2 - The Priestess


The large, wooden doors to the Temple were held in place by old, worn hinges. The creaking of the doors were just audible enough in the later hours of the night to attract the attention of a few priests who were praying or talking to some o

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Chapter 1 - My Lucky Start

"No boy, again!" A deep, raspy voice said as the elf who it belonged to easily disarmed me. "You'll be no use to us in this war if you cannot even fight properly."


"You're supposed to train me! How do you expect me to get better if I can't even swing

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Character Build: "The Lich King"

I took inspiration from, from ESO's old "Best Mage" build.

I proudly present "The Lich King"


Backstory: Alotheil was an aspiring student who had spent most of his early years trying to learn and trailblaze new ideas concerning Magick and it's proper

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