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So you want to mod Oblivion?


This guide literally took me about 2 weeks to perfect, and I think about 3-4 complete reinstalls of Oblivion. So I hope you appreciate this and it helps you. There's really not much information out there about setting up Oblivion in this way, and t

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ESO anyone?

Who all plays ESO? I haven't played it yet but always wanted to. Thought about picking it up if its  any good, although I would need some friends to play it with also..

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Ghorm "The Revenant"

Ghorm, a Necromancer wielding a powerful Battleaxe clad in Ancient Heavy Armor.


Basic Information
Race: Orc
Attributes: 1/3/2
Major Skills: Two-Handed, Conjuration
Minor Skills: Heavy Armor, Block
Standing Stone: The Ritual Stone


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