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Gladiator Fallout 4 Build

10859329085?profile=RESIZE_710xEnter the Arena for a battle to the Death.


The fondest memories from his youth is buying drugs on Halloween to mess with his old folks. He wasn't good at school, always a troublemaker always winning the fight and usually getting away with if

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Event Build: Captain Stats

10252698878?profile=RESIZE_710xNanananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananana Stats, man

A former High Elf Thalmor that became a pirate Captain after getting hit in the head. Now in need of treasure, drinks and a crew, a clear improvemen

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Contest Build - Soul Eater

What entered is unknown and doesn’t matter, but what returned is a fate worse than death.

Come forth

the Soul Eater

The Masters have tasks for you. 8134959853?profile=RESIZE_710xThe Soul Eater, once made a deal for power, but forgot to make it his power. Now the Ideal master have a

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Contest Build: The Ashpit Dragon

Ashpit Dragon

From the ashes of Helgen came forth a dragon.

4108855161?profile=RESIZE_710x(Watch the skies, traveler)


Destined for the block, yet burned to ash. But not ready for the Ashpit. Give chase to the one that did this to you, Malacath demands it. The Hunt Is On. And f

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