The Infernal Huntress

My latest project. Meet Gwynn Estwell, a member of the Montalion Vampire Clan. She once - long ago, served Akatosh as a Knight in The Order of the Hour based out of the Wayrest chantry. These days she hunts rival clans like the those of Selenu and any who oppose the Montalion bloodline. She is in Skyrim tracking a very specific target, though not hunting a vampire she will have no qualms eliminating any Volkihar who stand between her and goals.... Her target is  a young vampire hunter who has been more than a headache for the Montalion vampires of Wayrest.....

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  • So when will this bad ass huntress be ready to play?
    • A wee while yet unfortunately. Life has become unexpectedly busy over the last few weeks and doesn't look to change anytime soon. I'm chipping away at my projects slowly, but if I'm being realistic I'd measure the time in months. It'll get here when it gets here. I'm sorry for the delay, I know there are a few of you guys waiting in anticipation. Its humbling to hear so many looking forward to it. Just know that no one wants it done more than me :)
  • A vampire hunting vampire. Badass!
    • Cheers Blood Knight! Thought it'd make for nice little twist. Looking forward to finishing this character :)
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