Skyrim Krafter's Korner | Hexblade Warlock: #41 - House of Horrors: The End

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In this episode, we continue our adventures in the hold of the reach, in the depths of Rebel's Cairn & back in Markarth!

Join me, as we follow Grimjaw's in his investigations into the legend of the Red Eagle before bringing his quest to fruition for his new patron, the Daedric Lord of Domination, Molag Bal. Will Grimjaw experience defeat at hands of the legend of the Reach? Or will he finally be able to appease his new patron with the blood of the priest of Boethiah? What powers would be bestowed onto him?

If you're interested to know more, follow me as I set out to build The Hexblade Warlock, a build focused on acquiring daedric artifacts and the oblivion walker achievement.

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