Skyrim Krafter's Korner | Hexblade Warlock: #69 - Pieces Of The Past, The Blade Shards

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In this episode, we find ourselves once again in the vast hilly expanse of The Reach, in service of our protagonist's latest daedric patron, the terrifying force of destruction and ambition, Mehrunes Dagon!

Join me, as we follow Grimjaw's continued efforts in tracking down the remaining pieces of the legendary artifact known amongst many other names such as Kingslayer and Bane of the Righteous, the tool which has the capability to end dynasties and eras, the bloodsoaked Mehrune's Razor!

Will the denizes of the reach prove to be the demise of Grimjaw? Or will he overcome all odds to be one step closer to obtaining the power to change skyrim's fate forever?

If you're interested to know more, follow me as I set out to build The Hexblade Warlock, a build focused on acquiring daedric artifacts and the oblivion walker achievement.

All feedback on the video and any suggestions of improvements are most welcome and will serve as valuable inputs for me to grow my channel.

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This playthrough uses the modlist living Skyrim 3, version 3.7.1 Details on the modlist can be found here:

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