Skyrim Krafter's Korner | Hexblade Warlock: #75 - A Bloodbath & A New Patron

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In this episode, we head back to the city of Markarth for a little cloak and dagger... and a not too subtle bloodbath!

Join me, as we journey with Grimjaw in obtaining the final blood sample needed to produce the facsimile that'd open the dwermer lockbox in an effort to gain the patronage of the daedric entity known as Hermaeus Mora!

Will Grimjaw be able to employ the subtle skills needed? Or will his orc blood fire him up in a frenzy?

If you're interested to know more, follow me as I set out to build The Hexblade Warlock, a build focused on acquiring daedric artifacts and the oblivion walker achievement.

All feedback on the video and any suggestions of improvements are most welcome and will serve as valuable inputs for me to grow my channel.

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This playthrough uses the modlist living Skyrim 3, version 3.7.1 Details on the modlist can be found here:

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