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Name: Verrick Akin

Origin: Valenwood

Race: Bosmer (Wood Elf)

Class: Assassin

Primary Skills: Archery, One Handed, Sneak

Secondary Skills: Light Armor, Alchemy

Verrick was an adopted Wood Elf who was trained in the ways of both blade and bow. His adoptive great-grandfather was none other than Missun Akin, the great Dunmer archer who avenged Master Hiomaste's death and saved Maldova from the clutches of a tyrannical Imperial Duchess.

Missun's family has been preserving the ways of the Black Arrow. Dedicated to mastering the use of the Ebony Arrow during training and missions, the Akins were renowned for their ability to stealthily infiltrate and execute high value targets. Ties with the Morag Tong have been traced through history but Missun's original code of ethics prevailed and soon, the Black Arrows were seen as a vigilante splinter of the Tong.

Children were picked at a young age to be adopted into the family and it was rare that a couple have more than one. Sometime in the early fourth era, Verrick was adopted by the Akins and trained rigorously. He learned how to shoot from long distances with absolute precision and how to fend off multiple attackers with a blade. Each operative finds a home in different parts of Tamriel, seeking to clean it up from the clutches of Banditry and Tyrants.

He is a master assassin who chooses to keep his abilities and true identity hidden while leading a simple life as a trader by day while focusing his attention on Skyrim's criminal underground by night. This time his target is the Blackblood Marauder crew holed out at Broken Oar Grotto near Solitude.

Character Equipment:

Armor: Bosmer Elder Shadow Armor by johnocc (

Armor: Vial Belt by Dragten (

Weapon: Albensword by JaySuS (

Weapon: Bow of Shadows by Artisanix (

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