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Name: Kazé at-K'avar

Origin: Hammerfell

Race: Redguard

Class: Paladin

Primary Skills: Restoration, Two Handed, Heavy Armor

Secondary Skills: Smithing, Enchanting

Kazé was a gentle giant. As a young Redguard child, he felt like he had nothing in common with the children his age and as such Kazé drifted into the sweet, intoxicating bosom of the Library. Much of his time growing up was spent reading. He found written accounts on Restoration magic extremely engaging and soon he was entranced by the ability to restore vitality and cultivate fortitude. His new drive was fuelled by the knowing that masters of restoration could regenerate from any mortal wound. Kazé was not naturally inclined in the magical arts and found it hard to learn much of what he had read about without proper guidance.

In what seemed like a lucky turn of fate, Kazé and his family moved to Morthal for better work. It turned out his father had made a small fortune mining Orichalcum ore and was looking for prospects in Skyrim, a heavily mountainous region filled with mines and minerals. Much of his time was spent working the mines with his father as he had now reached adulthood. After knowing his parents' were going to be okay without him, Kazé journeyed to the Hall of the Vigilants where he chose the life of a healer. As time passed, he took to travelling between the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun and the Hall; he learned stronger spells from Danica Pure-Spring and applied them to the injured at the Hall. Slowly, he gained a family through Keeper Carcette and his fellow Vigilants. A sense of ease filled his being and he felt content with his place in society.

This all changed when in Whiterun, the news broke. He heard it in passing. "They say that Vampires attacked the Hall. Burned it to the ground!"

The gentle red giant had no experience with the undead. They were only characters in a story, an evil long past - Potema, Mannimarco, etc. Nordic crypts and cairns were often the place of injury for the many righteous warriors whom he called friends. As he reached the steps he saw what stood of his old home - ashes, burnt logs which once made up the structure of the hall but now looked like makeshift stakes. Blood had trailed and frozen on the charcoal flooring. Two men were there, tending to the destroyed Hall - trying to clean it as best they could. They explained to Kazé that this was the work of a growing Vampire menace; that he, Isran, and Celann had been tracking the Vampires for some time after uncovering a plot in Morthal.This was only the beginning, the dawn of a new war. Kazé had to take action. They took his friends from him.

"Will you join us?"


Welcome to the Dawnguard.

Character Equipment:

Armor: Resplendent Armor and Greatsword by sarcasticshark and Czano (

Armor: Equippable Tomes by Robbie922004 (

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  • You were so right when you say I was gonna love it. My favorite archetype is Paladin/Crusader (maybe my profile picture gives it away). I really think that this is your best video so far. Keep up the good work sir!

    • Haha had no clue ;)

      Really glad you enjoyed it mate! The next one is in the works and will be out soon. Thank you for the lovely comment nystee!


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