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Name: Emma Nirnborne

Origin: Cyrodiil

Race: Imperial

Class: Rogue Sorceress

Primary Skills: One Handed, Illusion, Sneak, Conjuration

Secondary Skills: Light Armor, Enchanting

Emma always had a rebellious streak. Ever since she was a child, Emma would go out of her way to see things in a different light. Most of the time that meant climbing atop trees and parapets to get a better view of her Cyrodillic environment. Born in a small town to a travelling merchant, Emma had her life set out for her from the very beginning.

She took Restoration classes at a young age and often times her father would bring Emma on excursions. Her father's guard was a Wizard of House Redoran, Yarrin Sarethi, who would go on to teach Emma spells whilst her father was occupied in trade. Travelling from province to province, she had much time to learn the ways of both merchant and magician.

Her life took a sudden turn when one day whilst crossing from Morrowind to Skyrim, her father's troupe was raided by local Bandits. In her desperation, she used the most powerful Fear spell she knew on her attackers. The look on their faces brought her a sick satisfaction but she was too late. Yarrin and her father had both been slain. Orphaned and stuck in a foreign land, Emma was forced to make her way to Winterhold where Yarrin's colleague Drevis Neloren taught and resided.

Emma would go on to become the Arch Mage of the college where she put her various skills in Mercantilism and Magick to good productive use. Occasionally she clears out bandit camps and aids Skyrim's authorities with local troubles. This time, Jarl Elisif seeks her aid. To investigate the mysterious occurrences of Wolf Skull Cave.

Character Equipment:

Armor: Rogue Sorceress Outfit by Numus (

Weapon: Better Staff of Magnus by FelesNoctis (


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  • I must say these videos are really good, Emma did not play with those necromancers! It's cool to see the staff of Magnus in action, it is rarely used (or I haven't seen it too much). What was that dust-like effect when you did the silent roll?

    • Nystee! I agree, Emma has no patience for the "overly ambitious" that's for sure. The staff of Magnus mod I used really upped the damage (~175/second) to make it viable at such a high level otherwise it only does like 20 damage -_-. I have the Vokrii perk overhaul installed; the dust effect is caused by the Dodge Roll perk (all incoming spells/attacks miss when rolling).

      Thank you again for watching, I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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