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Lore Article: ED-E

ED-EED-E is a pretty bland robot companion in Fallout: New Vegas. He's good in the early game but very quickly gets outclassed by the best boy, Rex. Rex is a dog. Therefore he's better. The fact that ED-E is so useless to me in game made me really uninterested in his lore, but after finally getting myself through his questline for the review I'm doing, I realized he's actually pretty neat. So for anyone who can't be bothered to use non lonesome road ED-E, here's all of this round robot's lore.…

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1 Reply · Reply by DeltaFox Oct 14, 2020

Fallout Lore Event: Legends of the West

Hello, wastelanders from all around! Finaly, after a small delay, the first Fallout Lore event is here. The Fallout series first started on the west coast of America and it's most iconic characters live there, be it Oregon, California, Nevada or Arizona. Many of them have risen to mythical status, such as the Chosen One and the Courier. But many more roamed with them and you now have a great opportunity to meet them.This is what this Lore Event is about. All who wish to take part in the event…

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4 Replies · Reply by DeltaFox Sep 3, 2020

Lore Article(?): The Commie Ghosts | Wasteland Campfire Stories #2

The Commie GhostsIn the town of Novac there's a man named No-Bark, who told me about something in an old facility just west of there. I was intrigued. I asked "What do you mean?""Ghosts. Commie ghosts what don't know they're dead." Ok yeah, maybe this is a bit less serious than the storie of the burned man but I wanted to share the story No-Bark told me. He said that there were a bunch of fanatic communist ghosts in an old world facility. This is bizzare as is but it get's better. The communist…

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1 Reply · Reply by DeltaFox Sep 1, 2020

Lore Report: Frank Horrigan

This is Captain Michael Blackwood, of the 501st Hellfire Division. This report is made to commemorate the recent death of one Special Agent Frank Horrigan.Horrigan was, to put it bluntly, a monster. Even with his low intelligence, the man managed to make it to the Secret Service in his twenties. However, even with all his skill, he had....issues. Man was a damned psychopath, and sadistic as all hell. After an incident that involved him razing a fledgling town to the ground by himself, for…

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3 Replies · Reply by DeltaFox Aug 19, 2020

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