TES Profile: Aramsin Rethan - The Trailblazer (WIP)

Race & Sex: Dunmer Male9859473852?profile=RESIZE_400x

Born: Iliath Temple of Azura, Stonefalls - 21st of First Seed, 4E 158

Parents: Serjo Sadras Endral Rethan (House Cousin of Great House Sadras and Priest of Azura) & Ashamnu of the Kagesh Ashlanders (Tribe herbalist)

Birthsign: The Serpent

Current Base of Operations: Granite Hill (from LC_Build Your Noble House), Falkreath Hold, Skyrim

Profession: East Empire Company Factor (Southern Skyrim Branch), Lord of Granite Hill & Thane of Falkreath, Sadras House Brother

Class: Spellsword | Major:  One-Handed, Light-Armor, Destruction, Alteration | Minor: Alchemy, Speech

Faith: Worships the Reclamations - Most strongly Azura

Personality: Will do whatever it takes to achieve his grand vision. Will try to refrain from breaking the law or doing evil out of self-interest (as such people often suffer the consequences). He will have no qualms dealing with corrupt or evil individuals as long as it helps his goals. Other than that he is cosmopolitan about all races, fully adheres to realpolitic (a realist through and through), very practical and results-oriented. Absolutely abhors slavery and religious fanaticism. Wants to push the limits of the world, expand his own and his family's influence in Tamriel, and most importantly - to make a new way forward for the Dunmeri civiliztion.

Nickname: Seymoladkar - The Trailblazer

Allegiances: Clan Rethan (his family), Great House Sadras, Morrowind, East Empire Company, Falkreath Hold

Main Associates: His grandfather Ulan (Seykhan of Clan Rethan & Councilor of Great House Sadras - He was my Morrowind character), Orthus Endario, Adelaisa Vendicci & Vittoria Vici (EEC), Lleril Morvayn, Jarl Sidgeir of Falkreath, Maven Black-Briar, Thonar Silver-blood, Thane Erikur, Ysolda, Ri'Saad, Olfrid Battle-Born, Nazeem.

Supernatural: No Vampirism or Lycanthropy. Not Dragonborn.


Aramsin was born on Hogitum (Azura's festival) in her own stonefalls temple to priest of Azura Endral and his Kagesh Ashlander wife. His father is son of influential Sadras Councilor Ulan Rethan, and thus holds an important position in the great house and uses it to finance his devotion to Azura and destruction classes to young Dunmer soldiers. Aramsin was to be the firstborn of the couple. Wanting a strong & healthy child in such trying times, the couple worked to have him born in First Seed - The season of the Lord. Azura, feeling insulted at her own worshippers trying to meddle with destiny, had the child born on her own festival day, but made sure to darken the sky with ash and let the great ghost snake eat the lord on this day - hence the child was named Aram-sin (Ashing Day)

Aramsin's parents believed him to be blessed by Azura, and he's father wanted to train him for the High priesthood. He was taught faith, history, law, and destruction magic from a very early age. His mother taught him alchemy and protective alteration magic to pass on her tribe's traditions. Aramsin would jealously look out the window at his peers playing war in the garden, while he was forced to memorize Dunmer religious law. He hated it all.

There was however some hope for him. In the summer of 4E 170, his grandfather Ulan came from Kragenmoor to visit and stay with them in the summer. His duties finally allowed him to spend some time with this branch of his family and he was excited to see this prophesised youth. Ulan, a secular man, and a retired adventuring scholar, merchant-lord, and nightblade, was dumbfounded to find a boy of 12 buried in regulatory tomes. He personally took to tutoring the boy, and made sure to allow the boy some time to socialize with his peers, for teaching the boy speech was his main motive. Ulan spent months with the boy that year, and would come to visit in the following years, making sure that the boy was also learning the art of war from the local Kagesh warriors. The boy learned to wield a sword and wear chitin as if its his own skin, and improved on his skills in destruction, alteration, and alchemy. most importantly he learned the art of speech, and how to interact with various people and different cultures. Ulan also taught him the aspects of faith of Clan Rethan as Ulan envisioned when he recreated the clan - The faith of the reclamations & belief in Zenithar. Ulan was raised in Cheydinhal and had a more Imperialized and Cosmopolitan view of the world. He was also anti-slavery and wanted to see peace and trade with the Argonians to the south. Ulan's teachings rubbed of on Aramsin. The greatest thing Ulan insilled in the boy was a sense of wander about the world, and the boy wanted nothing more than to explore and tame the wilderness of Tamriel. 

His Sadras & Kagesh contacts allowed him to get a set of chitin armor, a fine steel blade, and work as a caravan guard at age 16. He would now travel the ashlands and wastelands of Morrowind, fighting with outlaws, wild animals, wizards, and Argonian raiders. He mastered the tactics of the Kagesh and used them to create his own. His father was a teacher of war magic. Aramsin was a student of war. These were dark times for Morrowind and Aramsin saw a world of hopelessness, despair, and bitter ash. He wanted to bring a new dawn to the Dunmer people. Perhaps he will.

In 4E 181 Ulan was assigned from Kragenmoor to sit at the Council of Blacklight as the Sadras representative. He began developing commercial interests in the sea trade of the northern coasts, and began dealing with the East Empire Company of Windhelm. In the year 4E 201, He saw that their office has been going through troubles due to the civil war, and saw an opportunity to do what his mentor Dram Bero taught him - Grasp fortune by the forelocks. He sent for his grandson, Aramsin Rethan (now 43), an exalted spellsword veteran who has been personally leading trade expeditions and protecting trade routes for years by this time, and Aramsin came to Blacklight. By this time, Aramsin earned the respect of the Kagesh tribe and mercenaries from all over Morrowind, and was nicknamed Seymoladkar (The Trailblazer), both as a jab at Rethan titles using Sey (path) and to demonstrate his combat tactics and pioneering nature. Ulan explained the ongoing situation in Skyrim, and Aramsin knew that the wise trader finds the best opportunities, even if he must travel far to find them - and Skyrim was ripe with opportunities. Aramsin wished his family farewell and on his grandfather's orders traveled by boat to Windhelm, where he worked with Orthus Endario and Adelaisa Vendicci of the EEC to secure trade and bring a new dawn in the east.

His story in Skyrim starts there.

4E 201 Onwards:

To be Continued

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