TES Profile: Ghorhon Nazhok

Ghorhon Nazhok

Name: Ghorhon Nazhok

Sex: M

Region: Cyrodiil

Race: Orc

Age: 31

Body Shape: Tall and fit

Faith: Molag Bal worshiper

Occupation: Bounty Hunter/ Mercenary/ Hunter

Personality: Brooding, Easily Annoyed, Willing to put up with most of things if there is something to be won out of it, Sadistic towards his enemies, relatively respectful to his allies


Aditional Info


-Weapn: Stell Mace; Iron Reinforced Shield

-Apparel: Fur Chest Armor; Leather Boots and Bracelets; Fur Pants

-Amulate: Bone Necklace




Ghorhon was an orc born in the 4th era in the year 130. He was the son of a blacksmith (his father) and a weapon trader (his mother). During his youth he lived a normal life as an imperial citizen. When he became a teen, he began to get his education. In that time he learned about orcs and their history. He learned that they were this bruteish race that was powerful and feard for their savagery. This seemed odd to him, since all his life up to this point was lived in peace and the safety of the imperial legion. He began to wonder about his nature and his kind's.

When he became a youn adult he picked up the trade of blacksmith afer his father. Altough he had a decent life, and enough money to support himself... he felt unhappy.. uncomplete... and he didn't know why.

After his father's death he decided to join The Imperial Legion. For a time that satisfied him, it made him feel important and like he had a greater purpose. A few years later he and his company were sent in to clear a cave that was inhabited by necromancers. The company was swarmed by undead... and altough they fought bravely.. they were outnumbered.

Ghorhon fleed.. he ran and ran... fearing for his life.. until he reached a statue made out of white stone.. the statue depicted a creature, with the head of a horned reptile and the body of a man. Altough a statue.. it seemed to.. stare at him.. mocking him... mocking him for his weakness. Ghorhan did not know why.. but he picked his weapon.. and returned to the cave. There he faced the necromancers once more.

He didn't stop until every undead layed broken down.. and every necromancer layed on his back drowned in his own blood. It was now early in the morning... he returned to the statue.. still drenched in blood.. and altough at that moment he didn't know why.. he kneeld before it...

Later on he found out that the statue was a depiction of Molag Bal .. the daedric prince of domination...

He studied about it.. and came to learn about how infamous he was... yet how powerful were his champions... strengh.. domination.. 

After his mother's death he went to his father's blacksmith shop, and picked the first weapon that caught his eyes.. a steel mace.. and a shield reinforced with iron. He took no amor... for he traveled light... and abandoned his life... with the intent to seek battle, and maybe one day become Molag Bal's champion...




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  • An Orc who worships Molag Bal, interesting!

  • sound awsome! looking forward to playing with him in skyrim guards

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