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Coming to theatres 7/7/07/7


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The official trailer for Pelinal, starring Yuul Sagak as the titular Divine Crusader, Irinidor Tremana as Umaril the Unfeathered, Joan Jeanne Janice as Alessia Queen-ut-Cyrod, and Augustus Imhar as the voice of Morihaus.






thetruemotagiik, 45 minutes ago:


I dont mean to sound thirsty but 3J be looking like a snacccc

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Appleseed of 500, yesterday at 8 pm:


Holy shit, the new illusions look insane, and it’s completely optical, too
I have an uncle who worked on set when Inari was enchanting Isshin and apparently even 9L had to pump just a bit of direct-manipulation Illusion magic into the audience’s minds to achieve full immersion but now with just an additional layer to the light-manipulation magicka it makes so much difference the audience doesn’t need a guide to sit through the lightor any more
This is HUGE. This means the full, true light-tour experience can be available to anyone who buys a scroll and plugs it into their etty at home
And don’t get me started on the sound design, like WHAT
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The Dawn Shall Rise Again, 5/4/07/7:

Men outcasting elves in a one-on-one spell exchange because muh equality – Check.
Men overpowering puny spindly little elves in blade locks because yep, elves never knew what physical labor was, you guys – Check.
Trans slut VAMPIRE who blew and sucked her way to her first role cast as Umaril the fucking demi-warrior-god because emasculating Altmer is the new hot topic – Check.

Pelinal framed as the conquering resistance hero because fuck historical accuracy amirite, pointed ears baaad. Never mind the fact that he was a mass murderer and a fucking faggot. Bliv, Tremana should’ve been cast as him if she wants to be a fucking MAN and still fuck men so badly. And yes, I mean both words in all three senses of the word. Gods, in the old days, we knew what to do with deviants who violated Praxis. 

This is another pile of steaming SJW dogshit trying to push their agenda onto a world that already despises elves out of sheer pathetic envy. They’re casting a fucking KOTHRINGI as Pelinal the IMPERIAL. How much more pandering to the minority can you get?

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Why bother with usernames, 5/4/07/7:

@The Dawn Shall Rise Again Spotted the Thalmor.

Fisk Toob Fisk, 5/4/07/7:

Blade locks weren’t even a historical thing lol

Just like one of my kapotun animes, 5/4/07/7:

@Why bother with usernames with a name like THE DAWN SHALL RISE AGAIN are you really surprised, these insects are everywhere


Horker the Carve, 5/4/07/7:

@ Fisk Toob Fisk ikr, so stupid

all you have to do is tilt the wrist and right then and there there throats slit

i have three sashes in htdt and i could fight both of the lead actors at once and kill them in 5 seconds


The Dawn Shall Rise Again, 5/4/07/7:

@Why bother with usernames, @Just like one of my kapotun animes
Oh no he’s wascist! Get the wascist! Fuck off. Your kind scream for equality when society’s already cutting men triple the breaks they deserve. Altmer have only been pushed down and oppressed by people clamouring to claim victimhood for the last hundred years.

Fuck. Off.

@Horker the Carve Ok tough guy.

Just like one of my kapotun animes, 5/4/07/7:

‘Society’s already cutting men triple the breaks they deserve’

Last I checked, the wage gap was still at 600%, buddy.


The Dawn Shall Rise Again, 5/4/07/7:

@Just like one of my kapotun animes The OFFICIAL numbers from the ALREADY LIBTARD AS FUCK TRINITY CENSUS explicitly state that it’s NO MORE THAN TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY PERCENT, ‘BUDDY’.

And you seem to be forgetting that that’s exactly the difference in lifespan and opportunities for promotion. Of course the average mer who lives longer is going to end up as a better-paid employee over time, because the man who started at the same time has either gotten to retiring age or he’s fucking DEAD OF OLD AGE.

Use your brain.


Tanya Goemon, 5/5/07/7:

What’s wrong with Yuul Sagak as Pelinal? Guy’s got the perfect hair for it. Pelinal Whitestrake, remember? :3


The Dawn Shall Rise Again, 5/5/07/7:

@Tanya Goemon He’s Kothringi. Pelinal is Imperial. Historical accuracy. Retard.


Tanya Goemon, 5/5/07/7:
You didn’t need to be mean >.<


The Dawn Shall Rise Again, 5/5/07/7:

@Tanya Goemon UwU OwO uwuwu you didn’t need to be a nasty wasty meaniee >n< >n< >w<

Stain on fucking Nirn. Why don’t you just move to Akavir if you such a fan of muh culture?

Restless814Night, 5/5/07/7:

@The Dawn Shall Rise Again You are a singularly unpleasant individual, aren’t you? Who hurt you?


The Dawn Shall Rise Again, 5/5/07/7:
@Restless814Night I don’t recall asking for your opinion.

@Just like one of my kapotun animes And before you post any more of your inane drivel, EQUAL OPPORTUNITY DOESN’T MANIFEST ITSELF EQUALLY BECAUSE EVERYONE GETS WHAT THEY DESERVE. Elves live longer, are healthier, have more developed brains and perform better at magic. This is BIOLOGICALLY PROVEN FACT. The fact that more elves succeed better at life is just that, fact, because MORE OF US ARE BETTER EQUIPPED TO BE BETTER.


Avian Fog, 5/5/07/7:

Can everyone just shut the fuck up it’s a light show for fuck’s sake

Just like one of my kapotun animes, 5/5/07/7:

Biology means jack shit, everything you just talked about is about opportunity and upbringing. You’re so blind to your people’s privilege – the exploits of the economy that literally made every single elven family of notice multi-billionaires during the stock market boom, in an Era where even millionaires were rare, the use of men as slaves and oppressed indentured servants all throughout history… I could go on, but do I need to?

The Dawn Shall Rise Again, 5/5/07/7:

@Just like one of my kapotun animes I fucking KNEW you were going to spew some garbage about privilege. My parents crawled their way to New Alinor and set up a dingy little boatshop in a den full of faggots and dykes and undead-lovers and leeches and ghouls and built their lives up from nothing. I HAD NO PRIVILEGE. I WORKED FOR WHAT I HAVE NOW. And everything the Altmer families and Morrowind Great Houses did in the Sixth Era was legal, which meant it was allowed, which meant it was fair. Fucking. Game.

We won, you lost. Deal with it and cry your salty tears in your own little human college echo chambers like a good little SJW.

Just like one of my kapotun animes, 16 hours ago:

‘We won, you lost, ignore The Alessian Empire, the First War against the Empire, the Second War against the Empire, the Trade Embargo of the Alik’r, the entire first half of the Fifth Era’

‘Deal with it lololol’

‘Boo hoo we can’t stop society from talking about us anymore’

Oh, I don’t know, couldn’t you just, like, deal with it? Can you even hear how much of a hypocrite you’re being? Gods fuck you’re oblivious.


THE PONTIFF, 5 hours ago:

I couldn’t care less about this nonsense over elves and men but casting a vampire as Umaril is too far. Auriel would weep if he saw us today. We are at the peak of moral degeneracy. We went from culling undead to offering concessions and reparations to putting up vampire-friendly options in restaurant menus to help ‘integrate them into society’. This ‘blood positive movement’ is a farce, and it’s sickening. Children all over the world are turning into vampires because it’s the trendy thing to do, and what are young impressionable elves going to think when the great demigod hero shows up baring his/her/whatever pronoun’s fangs?

Wilson Volkihar, 5 hours ago:

@THE PONTIFF It’s sad to find someone with such a bigoted viewpoint in this day and age, after all the modern vampire has done to gain ground with what has always been mortal-dominated society. A hundred years of blood communes ending with the sermons of Humphrey Lamaeana finally earned us the right of citizenship across Tamriel. There’s still tremendous progress yet to be made, and the plight of vampires remains dire in less developed nations across the oceans, where, starving, desperate, they are hunted to the point of madness. Your words threaten our movement more than you can know.


Yatagarasu, 5 hours ago:

Great, now the leeches and the preachers are here. VOIDSIP releases a different version of Pelinal every year, for fuck’s sake.


THE PONTIFF, 4 hours ago:

@Wilson Volkihar You need to be threatened and you need to be hunted. I’m sorry, but you’re literally monsters who only exist to suck blood from people. How many people are hurt and killed in those less developed nations every month by vampires who don’t have it in them to do anything else?

Wilson Volkihar, 4 hours ago:

@Yatagarasu Please refrain from using the word ‘leech’. It’s derogatory and a serious microaggression. Most vampires don’t even attack prey of any kind.

@THE PONTIFF Precisely why humanitarian aid is so urgently needed in those regions! Those nations and former colonies in Atmora and Southern Akavir lack the resources of Tamriellian countries. Those vampires don’t have a choice. We do, and look at how we coexist with mortals now. Those vampire-friendly menus you deride are crucial to building a society that can support and accept us.

THE PONTIFF, 4 hours ago:

Supporting and accepting vampirism is the same as supporting and accepting paedophiles. Sure, blood-rich foods and recipes make it easy for a modern vampire to survive without biting anyone. But you can’t change the fact that you have a pathological drive to hunt and drain sentient beings. You can’t change the fact that you came from a Daedric Prince. You can’t change the fact that there are more than 40,000 lethal vampire attacks every year.

Wilson Volkihar, 4 hours ago:

Placed next to 550,000 total murders worldwide in that same year committed for every reason from money to passion, 40,000 doesn’t seem as impressive. I won’t argue over the religious angle, and I do agree that vampire attacks are a problem for both sides of the argument. But a vampire murderer ought to be tried the same way as a mortal murderer, if not offered more leniency. Like you said, the instinct is primal.


THE PONTIFF, 4 hours ago:

You’re not denying the fact that you’re all mentally impaired because of your lust for blood. But I can already see we won’t get anywhere with our debate. Let’s agree to disagree, and move on.


Wilson Volkihar, 3 hours ago:

@THE PONTIFF I understand. Have a nice evening.


Iluvmyfangs, 2 hours ago:

you know something’s fucked with the universe when a vampire and a guy with a dawnbreaker profile pic make peace before a couple of mortal idiots do

The Last Dragonborn Was A Trap, 2 hours ago:

Welcome to yunny lol


-Camus-, 4 minutes ago:

‘Oh no no no, “leech” is a microaggression’

‘lol mortal idiots’

Double standard much?




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  • This was a great read, but that doesn't mean you stop with Gathering Clouds. Go write that more, your break is over!!

  • Rereading this was beautiful satire

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