Character Build Showcase: The Emissary of Darkness

21dcb_19fa.jpg?c=26ebHey guys, as promised we're back once again with yet another Character Build Showcase! For those out of the loop this is a weekly(ish) feature where we show off the amazing content coming out of the character building communities here on the Skyforge. This week's featured build is The Emissary of Darkness by Oneness. As always I'd like to start out with an excerpt from the author themselves to give you an idea of what this build is all about. 

This build epitomizes synergy, and we all know how much I like synergy. By combining commonly overlooked things in the right manner you begin to become overpowered fairly quickly. Among these underrated things is utilizing Two-Handed and Sneak, actively trying to get off critical strikes, and even using bashing as a resource of significant damage. In order to combine all of these things into a sophisticated play style I found the synergy in each one and the glue that really brings it all together. The glue is the combination of the Ebony Blade and Marked for Death. 

As you can already guess the Ebony Blade, the ultimate boon of the Webspinner, is the core feature of the build. At first glance the weapon appears quite underwhelming for all the effort needed to acquire and empower it. It is a Two-Handed sword with the base damage of the average One-Handed weapon and worst of all it cannot be improved through blacksmithing. So if you're one of many players who doubt the power of Mephala's signature artifact, prepare to eat your words as the Emmissary takes this normally mediocre artifact and transforms it into a literal nightmare weapon. Base damage, bash damage, magical damage, hell even critical damage are all massively augmented through the core synergies at work.Combined with the Emissary's prowess as both fighter and assassin death comes quickly to Mephala's enemies.

And with that we shall wrap up this showcase. As always, I encourage you to give this build a try and don’t forget to leave a like and/or comment on the build if you enjoy it. It means the world to build authors when readers like you take the time to comment on their work.  

Keep building friends! Because you never know which build we'll feature next, and it might just be yours!

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