Character Build Showcase: The Hemomancer

Character Build Showcase

The Hemomancer


Hey everyone, welcome to another Character Build Showcase. Last week, Furrion covered FishDout’s Weeping Angel, and to continue with the horror theme of our contest Bloodlines, I’ve decided to dive head first into Warlocksg’s Hemomancer!

Building around the Spell Tome Equilibrium, Warlock creates some rather interesting spell effects and Gameplay - one of them being having no Health Regen, making each battle leaving you on the edge of your seat.

I highly encourage you, the reader, to check it out as taking inspiration from other genre/games etc, Warlock goes one step further with Equilibrium and bases his build around it entirely. 

Keep an eye out for next week's Character Build Showcase. It could come from the Skyrim Character Build Group, maybe the Fallout or Classics Group or even the Misc. Gaming.

Till next time guys!

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