Character Build Showcase: The Ice Demon

Hey everyone, welcome to another Character Build Showcase. 

After turning up the heat with Ponty’s Mabigrash, I decided to cool off the week with a Build that truly deserves to be seen. Tae-Rai’s The Ice Demon!


They were finally here; they had finally found the grave of the Kamal King. Buried in a tiny grave deep in the mountains of Eastmarch, this Akaviri warlord had sacked Windhelm before attempting to take Mournhold in Morrowind. He had been slain by a Dunmer legion, assisted by Argonian Battlemages, and his remains were brought back here to be guarded by the Nords and to ward off any Kamal that dared to return.

Keeping it simple, while creating both an outstanding aesthetic and skill set, Tae-Rai recreates a warlord back for vengeance - even if it kills him. Even going to the point of using his enemies corpses to fight alongside him, none can escape the chilling rage of Ada’Soom Dir-Kamal.

The Roleplay section is fairly broad as not much is known about this dreaded warlord. However, Tae-Rai has made a ‘quest’ once you’ve completed your play through. As they say, vengeance is a dish best served cold...

The Second Sacking of Windhelm

That wraps up this week’s Character Build Showcase. Keep an eye out for next week’s - it can be from any of our Character Building Groups, From Fallout to Skyrim and even the Classics. 

Who knows, it might be your build on the front page of the Sky Forge.

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