Character Build Showcase: The Undying

4497456151?profile=RESIZE_180x180Hey guys, we're back once again after an embarrassingly long hiatus with yet another Character Build Showcase! For those out of the loop this is a weekly(ish) feature where we show off the amazing content coming out of the character building communities here on the Skyforge. This week's featured build is The The Undying by Teccam. As always I'd like to start out with an excerpt from the author themselves to give you an idea of what this build is all about. 

Although Altmer are blessed with long life beyond any other race, there are some among them who are unsatisfied with their life expectancy. Although vampires may live far longer still, there are some among them who are yet discontent. The Undying is such a being, an ancient creature who in his obsessive efforts to cheat death, took things ... too far. His experiments have left him a warped, twisted shell of the man he once was.

But despite their costs, the experiments were not unsuccessful. Indeed, those who have sought to defeat this creature — and there have been many — have all failed, to a man. Few have survived to speak of their encounters. And those lucky souls all agree: This is no human. It is a monster. A monster that cannot be slain by any means known to Man or Mer. It is ... The Undying

The core principle of the Undying is that — shocker — he can't be killed. Like ever. Like in the literal gameplay sense of the word this character can't die, trust me I played the build myself and I tried. An absolute, impenetrable defense forms the core focus of the Undying. In the endgame, the Undying is able to call upon a uniquely enduring form of Dragonhide which renders him virtually immune to physical harm against blocked attacks, reducing all such damage to just 3% of their original value! But what about magic damage you may ask. Well, the Undying boasts 100% Spell Absorption. All magic attacks have a 100% chance of being absorbed, thus nullifying thier damage, affording the Undying complete and constant immunity from all magical effects.

Adding further to the theme of invulnerability, the Undying is able to mend what insignificant damage can be done to him with the help of his chosen weapon, the Ebony Blade. Teccam has essentially created a monster with this build, one that strikes terror into the hearts of enemies as he strides effortlessly through their strongest attacks. The Undying is overpowered done right, and being overpowered has never been so much fun!

And with that we shall wrap up this showcase. As always, I encourage you to give this build a try and don’t forget to leave a like and/or comment on the build if you enjoy it. It means the world to build authors when readers like you take the time to comment on their work.  

Keep building friends! Because you never know which build we'll feature next, and it might just be yours!

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  • Aw, thank you, Curse! There is a really long and quite ridiculous story behind this build. I don't know whether anyone is interested, but the cliff's notes version is:

    I created the original build in June 2012, my second ever published Skyrim build. That was a very different build than the one you see here. It relied on a niche mechanic, where casting Dragonhide while wearing armor allows you to get above 80% damage resistance. However, within a month or so, someone commented on that build saying it did not work as advertised. Because I was on console at the time, and had deleted my save files for this playthrough, I couldn't prove that it was working as intended. So I added a huge disclaimer on that build saying it did not work, and left it up for over five years, untouched.

    Finally, I decided this build needed to be updated to match the standard set by my other work, and so I rewrote it with new mechanics but the same core principles and theme. About a month after finishing the revamp, in casual conversation with a few other builders, we were experimenting with some mechanics, and we discovered that the original build actually DID work as originally advertised -- and most likely always has. But I was happy with the new Undying, so I never brought the original back. Luckily, that mechanic ended up proving to be a great foundation for my most recent build, the Apotheote. So things ended up working out quite nicely.

    This build has a very strange history, but I'm really proud of it in its current state. I'd love to hear thoughts from anyone who has read it, or even better, if anyone has tried it out for themselves.

  • It is now MASTER RANK!

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