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Greetings from the Elder Scrolls Sandbox Wiki! ( https://tes-sandbox.fandom.com/wiki/The_Elder_Scrolls_Sandbox_Wiki )

We are a fanon and roleplaying community centered around Bethesda Softworks' hit franchise, The Elder Scrolls, known for classic games such as Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim. The TES Sandbox is the number one wiki to store all your Elder Scrolls related fanmade content, including fan fiction, characters, stories, adventures, roleplay related articles, and more.

With 3600+ articles and 750+ blogs, the Sandbox is the largest Elder Scrolls fan wiki. We have an active userbase of around 20 people, many of whom are participants in our Roleplaying Forum ( https://tes-sandbox.fandom.com/wiki/Board:Roleplaying ). We've been hosting roleplays for over 6 years and are still going strong with multiple active RP groups. We specialize in third person RPs of groups ranging from 2-10 people. We also have a discord where are members hang out and chat about various topics. ( https://discord.gg/e5AdVwb ).

If you're interested in the Elder Scrolls Universe. Come check us out. We welcome everyone who'd like to join our community.

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Introducing the Uutak Mythos

3805809094?profile=RESIZE_710xI'd like to introduce you all something new and exciting in lieu of our weekly Skyrim Build Showcase, and so with the help of my new friend IceFireWarden, I'd like to formally invite you all to become a part of the Uutak Mythos community!

But what is the Uutak Mythos?

Glad you asked! The Uutak Mythos is a collection of articles, texts, art pieces, and lorebooks written by some the most creative minds within TES community. They seek to breath life into an obscure facet of TES lore concerning the island of Yneslea and its inhabitants, a bat-like beast-folk known as the Echmer. 

The Uutak discord serveris nearly 200 members strong and always eager to welcome new artists, writers, creative minds, and everyone in between to join them. The community strives to one day gain official acknowledgement from Bethesda, and so far they've come close with numerous nods and references througout the years. Consider contributing to this fine community as an excellent opportunity to grow and develop your creative talents, whatever they may be, and perhaps one day have your work featured in official Elder Scrolls canon. Contributor or not the community always appreciates newcommers. 

So come one and all and be a part of the mythos. But do mind the drop... it's been known to break those of lesser worth.


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The Tel Mora Independent Press Vol. 2, Issue 1


Volume 2, Issue 1 of The Tel Mora Independent Press is now available for viewing and/or download. In this exciting new issue we take a look at.... 

Forces in Conflict

Is disagreement possible without devolving into tribal ideological conflicts?

Trinimac as Tall Papa?

Banu Hanimasaishi makes a compelling argument for considering Trinimac as Ruptga

Mythopoetic Enchantments

Discussing the mythopoetic techniques used to create Tamriel's most famous artifacts

Interview with the Hist

Talking to plants, or talking to unfathomable roots that reach beyond time and space?

.... And so much more. And also featured in this issue is a short story submission by our very own Kendrix Trixie! Follow the link below or click the image to be taken to the article page!



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History of the TES Fandom

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Our new friend Amarithius of the Tel Mora Independent Press would like your help answering a few questions regarding your history within the TES fandom. He'll be writing an editorial piece for their monthly article and would like to gather as many different perspectives as possible. Your first experiences with TES games and your experiences interracting with TES fans and communities are just a few of the questions he'd like your help answering. If you'd like to share your experience please follow the link below. 


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