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3649098443?profile=RESIZE_710xIN THIS ISSUE:
  • The Warfront! Myth vs Mechanics

Where do game mechanics end and where does lore begin?

  • The Thrassian Princes

Peer into the depths of Sload understandings of the Daedra Lords

  • Dibellan Arts Uncovered

The veil is lifted in an expose on the workings of the House of Dibella

  • Interview with Lawrence Schick

Former loremaster shares with us his knowledge, wisdom, and his next adventures

.... And so much more. And also featured in this issue is a short story submission by our very own Furrion17! Follow the link below or click the image to be taken to the issue page!

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The Tel Mora Independent Press Vol. 2, Issue 1


Volume 2, Issue 1 of The Tel Mora Independent Press is now available for viewing and/or download. In this exciting new issue we take a look at.... 

Forces in Conflict

Is disagreement possible without devolving into tribal ideological conflicts?

Trinimac as Tall Papa?

Banu Hanimasaishi makes a compelling argument for considering Trinimac as Ruptga

Mythopoetic Enchantments

Discussing the mythopoetic techniques used to create Tamriel's most famous artifacts

Interview with the Hist

Talking to plants, or talking to unfathomable roots that reach beyond time and space?

.... And so much more. And also featured in this issue is a short story submission by our very own Kendrix Trixie! Follow the link below or click the image to be taken to the article page!


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History of the TES Fandom

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Our new friend Amarithius of the Tel Mora Independent Press would like your help answering a few questions regarding your history within the TES fandom. He'll be writing an editorial piece for their monthly article and would like to gather as many different perspectives as possible. Your first experiences with TES games and your experiences interracting with TES fans and communities are just a few of the questions he'd like your help answering. If you'd like to share your experience please follow the link below.

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The Tel Mora Independent Press

3416575912?profile=RESIZE_710xRecently I've had the pleasure of speaking with the fine folks behind the Tel Mora Independent Press, a collaborative monthly article featuring in depth lore analysis, fan fiction, and even poetry. I could ramble on all day about the wonderful work these guys are doing but I think they can explain things a lot better than I can:

"The Tel Mora Independent Press is a collaborative work of like-minded individuals who have a passion for The Elder Scrolls lore while engaging in creative works that examine literary, psychological, religious, philosophical, and societal ideas. We don’t believe TES is just a game series; we believe it is much more than that. We specialize in narratives, prose, poetry, articles, and serial stories that investigate what TES lore can be.

We operate under the notion that reality within the TES universe is subjective and to be determined by the individual, rather than by an objective set of blurry and contradictory half-truths. Lore is what you make it."

To date the Tel Mora Independent press spans 12 issues and dozens upon dozens of lore articles and fan fiction stories. For the writers and lore fiends out there I cannot recommend enough that you check this place out. Follow these links below to view their archive and join their discord.


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