Teams: A Skyrim Character Building Event

Everyone here on the Skyforge seemed to really enjoy our previous “Tales of Tamriel” character building event, so here we are with another one, as promised!

With this one we wanted to answer a fairly simple question: “How will the nature of a character build be affected by making it into a collaborative effort?” In the “Elder Scrolls Teams” event, you’ll discover what teamwork can do for your builds. The builds you’ll create will be done in teams of two (or more than two if you’re feeling ambitious!).

Even more interestingly, there are no other stipulations on what sort of build you and your team can create. The world of the Elder Scrolls is a pretty big one, so you may find it overwhelming to narrow it down to one concept. This is where you’re group comes in! Bounce ideas off of one another, play to each members strengths, and have loads of fun creating a character build that represents several weeks of a team effort.

We are truly looking forward to what comes out of this event. With so few restrictions, the end results will be wildly different. More exciting, though, is that this is an opportunity for some of you who have always wanted to get into building but never knew how. Our veteran builders here on the Forge will be more than willing to group up and help you out. So for those of you who are experienced character builds: enjoy this exciting group event. For those of you who are new: welcome to the world of Skyrim character building, and enjoy!


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