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Hi there!

New member here, just joined after years of having used this community for character building. Thanks to all those contributors who've inspired me to build character after character after character, resetting my game for over 1000 hours of gameplay...

And never beating the main questline. Yep, over 1000 hours into Skyrim and I've never completed the main quest. Or Dragonborn, or Dawnguard for that matter. I've installed over 200 mods, played probably 50+ characters, and Alduin still roams free.

So, I came up with an idea for a true Ultimate Skyrim Playthrough that might finally get me to stop resetting my game and actually beat Skyrim. Well, not just beat Skyrim. Clear Skyrim nearly 100%. No, that's not it either. Clear a heavily modded Skyrim nearly 100% while playing as multiple characters.

Here's my idea. I've had so much fun over the years chronically restarting my game as a new character, and then restarting again when I got bored and saw a build on Skyforge that absolutely hooked me, that I'm just going to do a playthrough where I'm different people at different times. Using console commands and the RaceMenu, I'll completely remake my character multiple times without having to start from scratch.

This will be a big help in keeping me going to the end of my run... which will be VERY long because I'm playing Legacy of the Dragonborn. The museum mod that basically turns the game into an expanded 100% treasure hunt and incorporates DLC-sized quest mods into that hunt. So this will be an extensive and wild ride with an array of characters, who in my mind will each be a member of the museum's Relic Hunting Guild. I'll also get to design different characters for RP with different questlines; no more needing to make a barbarian suddenly want to study magic at the college.

What I'm hoping to do here on Skyforge is share some of the builds (which will usually be fairly mod-reliant and nontraditional character archetypes) that make this journey together towards building the best museum in Tamriel. And perhaps share some of the stories in prose format along the way.

So that's all, wanted to introduce myself and give a little glimpse at what I'm hoping to accomplish in Skyrim in the coming months (years? hopefully it won't take that long).

Bye! -Yeti

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  • Hey man, this sounds like a fun idea. Welcome to the forge, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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