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    • I am Ok with dunmer vamps using fire magic—if the numbers net out in favor of resistance for the PC, you gotta assume the lore does too. 

      Also I am OK with anything on a dunmer, those dudes are batshit crazy (in a good way)

  • Builds that are vastly overpowered purely for the sake of power gaming. 

  • Exploits to me are subjective to one's opinion, unless it's an obvious glitch. As said before, Skyrim is a free nation and to each his own (just don't mention you're secretly worshipping Talos). For example, levelling archery up with free training with Faendal as he becomes a follower, VERY EARLY in the game, is an exploit for me. However, it's a different case from getting free training from Aela, IMHO. Why? Because it takes a lot of time and effort before she becomes a follower, fitting for a reward for finishing the companions questline. 

    Perhaps the best example here when it comes to exploits is the restoration potion loop. Well it's more of a glitch, but debatable since it's sort of in a gray area. Get one's alchemy gear to a considerable level, and poof! You can make enchantments to the millions. I personally dislike this exploit the most because it simply breaks the game experience already.

    However, the enchanting alchemy loop coupled with ahzidal's genius, then later on with the black book sallow regent, and necromage perk, can be acceptable for me. Trust me, it's incredibly TEDIOUS. It is far more difficult than any other quest because you technically run the loop almost the whole damn game, getting specific perks, slaying mighty dragon priests, retrieving hard to get artifacts, making a hard choice of getting infected or not by a vampire princess, until you reach the cap in LATE GAME. "Hey, wanna get OP? Gotta work hard for it". And BTW, bethesda has some way to counter this. Besides the alchemy enchanting cap, it's still pretty difficult to beat the big baddies of the game like the reaper, the ebony warrior, and karstaag on a one on one battle in legendary difficulty, even at the cap. 

    Basically, my point is I do not like builds exploiting "what's in between not cheating and cheating". But it's okay to get really powerful as long as you got it from something you worked hard for. Hey, isn't that the very essence of the game? 

  • Mods. Mods ruin it for me every time. It’s bad enough most builds can’t hack it at legendary difficulty. Mods just help those kind of builds cheat. 

    • Interesting. And what would you call the crafting loop?

  • To me heavy reliance on crafting skill(s) is a turn off. They are just too much of a tedious chore to level up in Skyrim. In Morrowind and Oblivion you could use them on the go, and one of the things I love the most about TES 4 is that it doesn't have enchanting skill at all.

    • And smithing in Oblivion is just for reparing things (armor and weapons), correct me if I'm wrong because I play Oblivion in a long time ago.

      • Yup, that's right. Same with Morrowind.

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