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Factions you wish were joinable

In skyrim not all factions in the game are joinable such as the vigilants,aldmerie dominion,alkir,black blood mauraders,the afflicted,forsworn*,hunters of hircine ,silver hand,mystic dawn,psijic oder,summerset shadows,synod,morag tong and some others.

I wish that some of these factions could be joinable to spice up the world of skyrim with not just one assassin guild or thieves guild but two or possible three. I think it would be very cool if the synod,psijic order and mages college were all joinable.

But anyways there just my thoughts and I'm interested in what you guys think



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    • Ohhh damn I wish you could do that 

    • Yeah, they really botched the potential of what could have been done with the silver hand. as it stands, they´re just glorified bandits with silver swords who SOMETIMES kill werewolves. I´d imagine a quest line of bringing them to glory, similar to the how dawnguard was restored, but obviously on a smaller scale than that.

      • Perhaps infiltrating The Companions and rising through the ranks until you're offered "The Gift," then refusing and showing the other members who aren't of The Circle what they have taken up residence with and maybe persuading them to take up arms against them with the help of The Silver Hand.

        • You should work for Bethesda because that idea is amazing. I hate how I’m forced to become a werewolf to advance the companion story line no matter how my character feels about werewolves. 

  • A revitalized Mythic Dawn Cult would be awesome

  • I know this is completely off the timeline for all the games in the sereis, But I would love to have a storyline about the betrayl of the crimson scars with an option to join either them or support the OG brotherhood.

  • Mirakk's cult. I know you can make him into a follower using bend will, but it would be cool to go on missions to oppose the slow talking Hermaeus Mora.

    • That was a missed opportunity there. 

  • Multiple vampire clans. It’s sad that the Volkihar are the only vampire clan one can join in Skyrim. 

  • Daedric Cults are some factions I wish were joinable. The Followers of Vaermina are one example, sadly you couldn't join them, even if you wanted the Skull of Corruption. It would have been cool to make Nightcaller Temple your base and eventually take over Dawnstar and become the Champion of Vaermina. I want something like this but for all the Daedra.

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