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Favorite Manufacturer in Borderlands?

Hey there fellow Vault Dwellers  er, Hunters! Now, in the Skag-Eat-Skag world of Pandora and its surrounding planets, you can't go anywhere without a good firearm or two, or four, at your side. For those of you who love this wacky looter shooter like I do, what's your favorite manufacturer? The alien Eridian weapons? The elemental only Maliwan? The EXPLOSIVELY awesome Torgue?


For me personally, Jakobs. While they don't have the highest rate of fire, they're reliable, and honestly, as someone who grew up watching Westerns, I'm a sucker for them. Especially when you meet the current head of business and the family in Borderlands 3. 


Now, how about ya'll, and why?

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  • Vladof for life! The high fire rate does it for me all the time. My favorite weapon is the Shreddifier

    • Vladof is pretty good, and yeah, I love their high fire rate

  • Maliwan :) Elemental damage, especially fire is so unique and awesome. 

    • I'm more a shock guy, but they're good 

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