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Favorite Oblivion Class?

I haven't played Oblivion yet, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate and go by their class system, especially after PCOutcast hyped them up with his Ordinator Class Restoration Series. Either way, what's your favorite Oblivion class? I love stealth characters, so my favorite would have to be the assassin. I also like the archer, witchhunter, and nightblade.

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    • I'll have to give Oblivion a go and create my own custom class.

      • I'd say Oblivion > Skyrim.
  • Yeah, in oblivion the premade classes don't seem optimized, it's better to just make your own that way it's a better exsperience
  • A lot of things in Oblivion made me grow a strong liking for the game, and the class system was one of them. Admittedly, I do like the lack of a class system in Skyrim and how it gives you freedom of skills, but I did still appreciate it when I played Oblivion.

    Now, I have never done an actual playthrough with one of the default classes, as I always made a custom class. However, if I had to pick one as my favorite, it would be the Pilgrim or the Scout. I like how they both are able to repair their own armor,(which is very important to me when playing Oblivion) how they both use light armor, and have Endurance as one of their Major Attributes. 

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      • Yeah, I'm somewhat in between, because like you said, in a lot of RPGs classes define what and who the player is, but when you take something like Skyrim, which doesn't have a class system, we get sites like this, where we make our own classes and builds.
    • All classes are able to repair their own gear, everyone can use armorer. Not having a picked as major doesn't prevent you from using it.
      • Yes, but I appreciate the boost it gives me at the beginning of the game, so I can repair enchanted items sooner.

        • Blacksmiths have repairing services for a reason.
          • Yeah, but let's be honest, most people are to stingy with their coins, because they are harder to get in oblivion
            • I always end up with at least tens of thousands of gold. Using repair services at least gives something to spend it on.
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