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Favorite Skill From TES Games?

What's your favorite skill from any of the Elder Scrolls games? I feel like this topic is an extension of my Favorite Oblivion Class discussion, in a sense that your favorite class may dictate your favorite skill, which is true for me. I've been saying this over and over again, but I've only played Skyrim so I don't have as many to choose from.  My favorite class as I stated in the class discussion is the assassin, and well, my favorite skill in Skyrim is the sneak skill. There are some close ones such as the conjuration skill due to the sheer number of things you can accomplish with one skill. It's a form of offense with your summons, reanimations, and bound weapons and it's also a form of defense with your summons and reanimations as a meat shield. In addition, unlocking certain perks make conjuration a good utility tool in terms of charging soul gems and banishing summons. Despite the many reasons to choose conjuration, I just love the sneak skill. It can easily make a weak character with poor defense and low damage into an absolute powerhouse. Between the damage multipliers and brief invisibility, there's just so much the sneak skill tree has to offer. Oh and Assassin characters NEED this skill or they're just crappy warriors.

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  • Alteration. Levitation FTW!
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