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Holy Shit This was Awesome!

I was in Big Lots yesterday, a somewhat discount style store. They had their Halloween decorations up and one isle had a lot of animated things. You can push the button and a skeletal fish does something creepy. Another had a Grim Reaper lurching forward, his hood comes off and he yells some shit. My favorite was this...

That bigass dragon skeleton in the middle! It was on the top shelf and even I at 6'3 could not reach the button to test it. This thing was super badass! We may be specific and autistic by calling it a Wyvern but damn, that thing was cool. It was huge, which you cannot see in this picture. The pic shows a skeletal cat and dog too. They are oversized versions of real cats and dogs, so maybe you can imagine how big the dragon is.

I have no point to this post other than to geek out over something that costs $150 and I could not afford it.

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  • Holy Shit!!

    ...They had their Halloween decorations up!?

    • Yes they do have it up. It's not as bad as the Philippines who start promoting Christmas a full 4 months before the holiday.

  • It's a dragon, not a wyvern, but what the heck, the important thing is, it's cool as fuck! And huge, too!
    • Yeah you are right, I got the definitions backwards.

This reply was deleted.