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How Do You Junk?

Been awhile y'all. After posting "How Do You Book?" I want to try another question in the same vein and one that I am now going through with a character on mine. It is simple:

How do you junk? Meaning ...

- Do you collect any items that don't do, uh, anything?

- Do you hoard items for no other reason than to hoard them?

- Any guilty pleasure items you just always seem to pick up?

- You collect skulls, don't you? Don't lie - just admit you collect skulls like a nut.

The game developers put this stuff in games (and FO4 made everything "useful") to fill them out and make them feel real. But what is also real is the wanton need to steal shit and take items all the time. Share what you take/collect/store/obsess over.


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  • Back when I began playing modded Skyrim I'd collect all of the new weapons and armor that I thought looked cool, and would deck out hella mannequins in my player home which was also a mod. If I'm playing for the heck of it, with no real direction or concept, I'll pick up just about everything. Mods make it worse because things like firewood, charcoal, linen wrap, and crafting supplies have even more uses. All of the junk usually ends up in my horse's inventory, courtesy of Convenient Horses. However, right now as I play a no crafting build, I am still picking up crafting materials by habit and am constantly unloading them into random chests along my travels, or if there are any crafting stations around I'll take the opportunity to get some extra XP.

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