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Moments Of Awe

Could be from any game (but mainly Skyrim for me)...

What locations do you remember having moments of awe and wonder? Cool spot? Beautiful view? Share below!

Include pictures, screenshots, or concept art for reference and fake internet bonus points

I have always heard people complain about the Soul Cairn due to the size combined with map restrictions but I have always adored that area. Absolutely frightening and intriguing all at the same time.


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  • For me, it was the first time I played New Vegas. Seeing the view of the Lucky 38 all the way from Goodspring's Cemetary... Man, it just took my breath away. It was more than that though, as New Vegas was my first ever RPG where something "clicked" in my brain, and I understood immersion. I was no longer myself, I was the courier. To this day, seing the lights of vegas from a distance really does it for me. 


  • I have a few favourite locations.

    First, there's Blackreach, which i love so much i never actually use a walkthrough to find the crimson nirnroot. I find all of them (there's more than 30 btw from my experience) by simply exploring every corner of it. My absolute favourite spot there is the throne located above the dragon calling bell light. Never fail to go sit on it.

    Then there's the Forgotten Vale, which has got so much secrets (Shellbug helmet, the unique wild falmers in a certain cave, the parangons, the falmer lore books, the Sanctuary...)

    The Soul Cairn is really cool as well, and Sovngard always has that awesome feel.

    However, those aren't actually my n°1 spots.

    My four all time favourites from least to most are:

    -Japhet's Folly (Japhet's story, incredible quest and it's not well known, really cool island, and helping the Empire out)

    -The Aetherium Forge (Do I even have to explain? It is so fucking cool. Only place with lava, cool quest, cool boss, bonus points because I adore dwemer ruins and secrets if you swim through the lava.)

    -The East Empire Compagny Warehouse (FUCK. YEAH. The absolute aesthetic of the place, the details, the feel, the unique items you can find like noble clothings and all, the quest it's related to, chests, crates, passages and secret spots between massive wooden shelves.)


    And finally, a normal location but my all time favourite none the less:

    -Arcwind Point

    First, to actually get there is an ascension that just feels calm but epic. Surrounded by mountain peaks, passing under massive archs in a location independant of any quest. Passing by ancient barrows, passing by snow covered tombs. Even through battling trolls, bears or draugrs and skeletons on the way, there remains a certain absolute calm, a supreme silence. Then you get to it. The venerated or legendary dragon guarding the Thu um wall along with a Draugr Death Overlord. Though after you've defeated those foes, the climb is not finished.

    You continue, climbing stairs and passing through a graveyard covered with nightshades and snow. Then, you turn to your right and see the summit: The tower containing two more powerful nord thralls. You slay them and climb the last set of stairs. And then you see it: A pedestal with a book on top: "Withershins", bones of a forgotten traveller resting on the ground. Finally, you climb just in front of the pedestal and you look down: High Hrothgar may be the highest point in skyrim, but you feel on top of the World.

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