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New Activity in The Story Corner

Hey y'all!

I am super stoked about the increased activity in The Story Corner. I know several people have already posted great content, but a few people have been more reluctant to post. It's scary to put your personal works out there for others to read, but you may just find the rewards to be worth the risk. Writing is an expression of yourself that has the ability to impact those around you. With simple text, you have the ability to change the emotions and thoughts of an audience. For someone like me, a shy, anxious introvert, writing is a valid way to communicate to people I would never speak with otherwise. It was terrifying to finally publish my first work, but the joy I found in knowing others enjoyed what I had to say outweighed the initial fear.

That being said, I am in no way claiming to be a perfect writer. I do not have perfect grammar or follow all the rules in my college writing textbook. I just write what I feel and edit spelling errors I find along the way. I did, however, see a need to share what little I know with this growing writing community in hopes that I could spark some of the lurking authors' interests. So if you've been waiting to post your works, now is the time! We're ready to read!

Not entirely confident in your work just yet? That's totally fine. I am constantly looking at the chapters I've written in total disgust and want to completely rewrite the entire thing. Such is the way of perfectionism. Once you take that first step, every story/chapter after will come a little bit easier. We plan on publishing some writing guides/discussions to help those wanting to polish some of their old works and get started on some new ones! Those in the Roleplaying and Building groups might find some of the discussions helpful as well. Feel free to join us!

If you have a topic you'd like discussed, please let me know and we'll see about including it in one of the discussions. If you have questions in general, please ask those as well! I'm always happy to help in any way I can!

As Always, Talos Guide You!

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  • Excellent guide Kendrix! 

    Word of advice to everyone: Even if the only thing you’re interested in doing around here is making character builds, you ought to be spending a lot more time in writing groups like this one.

    You might not think so but most of what goes into a great build is great writing. It takes great writing skills to explain a build in a way that gets people to want to actually play it. That goes for all parts of the build whether it’s mechanics or backstory/roleplay. If a build sounds boring it’s likely that it wasn’t written very well to begin with. 

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