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New Members and Old - Tell Us What You're Building

I've noticed a lot of new people joining (not just bots here to spam us with info about Cubs merch) but I don't see anyone posting to the forums. So here I am!

Tell me what you're doing in Skyrim. What type of character are you playing at the moment? Which skills are you focusing on? What storylines take precedence?


I'm currently playing an Argonian Nightblade. She's a bit of a jack-of-all-trades.

Enough Sneak to stay hidden.
Illusion up to Quiet Casting.
A few points into One-Handed for some dagger damage.
A few points into Archery for her bow.
I might even throw a few points in Enchanting, but that won't be until late-game.

Her main focus is Alchemy, I'll be taking nearly every single perk to try and maximize the effects of her potions. (NO EXPLOITS)
Second, the remaining points will be going into Alteration for that sweet Mage Armor and Detect Life.
The next focus is the bound weapon line of the Conjuration tree.

No armor, only mage clothing.
Weapons are Bound Dagger (Mysticism) and Bound Bow, with a leveled dagger and leveled bow/arrows for emergencies.

The main questlines I'll be focusing on are Mage's Guild, Dark Brotherhood, and eventually, move on to the Main Storyline and Dragonborn.


I've never focused this hard on Alchemy before, despite 10-years of playing Skyrim. I'm looking forward to it, and I might even post the character build to The Sky Forge. (probably not, I'm lazy)

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  • I recently got the AE so I'm going through all the content available, pretty nice.

    I am starting a new playthrough with a mage that mainly uses staves, the staff of Magnus and the staff of Jyrik Gauldurson. I'll explore the staves branch in Enchanting with Vokrii.

    The skills will be Enchanting, Alteration, Destruction, and maybe One-Handed. I'll also try all the new staves available in AE.


    • Very nice. Enchanting is super strong. I was playing a Spellblade a few months back that used a staff in their off-hand and the staff perks from Ordinator. I eventually had to jack the difficulty up to legendary and install some combat mods because I was practically unstoppable.

      • Really? I don't recall Ordinator having some crazy perks with staves. I might need to revisit the mod, I have to say I'm really enjoying Vanilla Skyrim with the AE even if I would have loved for them to add more unique enchantments on the new items but I suppose Bethesda will always be Bethesda.

        I don't think you can do anything too crazy with Enchanting in Vokrii (at least on paper) but I like it like that.

  • Got AE when it dropped, played through vanilla for a while to remember the game, now back into heavy modding


    I discovered a mine in the Rift - one I'm sure I've been through hundreds of times in hundreds of playthroughs but never paid attention to its name - called North-Wind Mine and decided to return to my old character, Bronmir North-Wind, but twist his story from an ancestral home in Winterhold to one in the Rift. They'd originally been in the Pine Forest in Falkreath but later changed to the Velothi mountains in Eastmarch before finally settling on the Anthor mountains in Winterhold, so returning to near the Velothi mountains fits a bit in the lore I'd already written for them.


    Anyway, in a true retcon of Bronmir, I've changed him from a heavy two handed tank to a light armor hunter - at least temporarily while he still learns about his heritage - and have incorporated Sofia into his backstory - taking advantage of her faulty memory to produce that she had been in the Imperial City, Bronmir nursed her back to health after a drunken outing, felt responsible for her, then she vanished, allegedly heading to Skyrim, so he went after her


    Currently, Bronmir has helped Hadvar in Helgen, but believes the dragons are not his responsibility. Have not gone to Dragonsreach, but he did join the Companions. Right now, he is a hunter for Hircine, but as he begins to unravel the mystery of his family, things will change progressively.


    I still plan on him eventually becoming a heavy handed paladin, but I'm thinking of switching his allegiance from the Empire to Skyrim. I hate siding with the Stormcloaks, because Ulfric sucks, but maybe a change of pace is necessary.

  •  I posted my Abyssherald build a couple of days ago, i'm working a on handful of builds right now, all vanilla since i don't have access to mods or CC


    • Not even CC? What platform are you playing on?

      • PS3 for Obrutak

      • What Chris said, ahah 

        I've played through thousands of hours of Skyrim on my PlayStation, with 2011 graphics and never any mods or CC/AE.

        Still great tho, i've had the vanilla game for so long, yet i can still have fun on builds. Ah, and i should have another build out soon if i don't get caught up in schoolwork, :eyes:

  • I'm currently writing a high fantasy rewrite of Skyrim's main story with Talos as the antagonist instead of Alduin. Making the man vs mer element a central conflict instead of something on the fringes. Just cuz i want a more intriguing story than: "mean dragon must eat world." lol

  • I'm developing John Wick inspired fan-fic series that happens after the main event of Skyrim. The titular character is Corvus Rem (I made a modded character build not long ago) who is known as the deadliest assassin in Tamriel and a master thief who stole high value properties from even the most secure places. At the moment, I'm finalizing the new world and lore that was inspired by The Continental from the John Wick movie series before I start writing the Corvus Rem major entries at the story corner. 

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