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New YouTube Series Idea: "Skyrim: Apotheosis"

'Sup all? For anyone who doesn't know, I run an Elder Scrolls centered YouTube channel called "PixelArrowProductions." This post is pretty much going to be me outlining an idea for a new YouTube video series that I have had, and I am posting it because I want some feedback on the idea. Before I get carried away writing intro stuff, let's just get straight into the concept.

So I've had several requests to do a Skyrim playthrough on the channel, since I've always mainly uploaded modded builds. However, I've sort of shoved the idea off to the side for some time now simply because it has been done many many times before. Recently I got to thinking how I could do a Skyrim playthrough that would be at least a little different from the numerous others already out there on YouTube.

The idea came when I was re-reading comments on my "War: Red Horseman of the Apocolypse" build. As this build was a collaborative effort, someone suggested we do a collaboration on creating Skyrim builds based off of the Greek Gods. We've never really gotten around to it, and I was racking my brain trying to figure out how I could do that on the channel without interrupting my other build series'. 

So I've sort of smashed the two concepts together and created the idea for "Skyrim: Apotheosis." The idea here is that I'd create builds for some god or goddess of an ancient pantheon (doesn't have to be Greek, just whatever I'm feeling at the time I guess) and then play that character's journey to "becoming a God" in modded Skyrim.

I've not hammered out the details yet, which is why I am asking the community of the Skyforge if this is something anyone would be interested in. If not enough people think it's a good idea, than obviously it's not worth developing further. However, if a bunch of you like the concept, I'll work on it more.

So, please leave your feedback below. Do you like the idea? Do you have any suggestions for it? Please let me know. 



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  • Hey man - I've seen your channel and like your videos.

    I really like this idea, it sounds creative--however you might want to consider a different name for the series. Apotheosis is supposed to come out this year and the modding community's hype for the mod's quality and content is off the charts. The Lifeless Vaults mod the team released was just a boss battle demo, and that alone is one of the more beloved quest mods launched in recent years.

    But whatever you call the series, yeah do it! 

    • Good point. I've heard of the Apotheosis mod, but didn't really think about it when naming the series. 

      I'll probably rename it to "Skyrim: Ascension"

      I like the sound of Apotheosis better in general, but you're right: I wouldn't want people to get it confused with the mod

  • My advice would be to fully pre-plan just how your character will achieve Godhood and make sure you can pace out the series well. You'll want people to see at least some level of progress from episode to episode otherwise it will start feeling more like a generic let's play.

    • Right. Thanks for the advice. Since people seem interested I will start more seriously considering how it would work. 

  • I think it would be a great idea for a youtube series. I for one would totally watch it. I hate to step on your idea but this is actually what I've been working on for the past few months. I have a few finished but haven't posted them as I'm on the Nintendo Switch and transfering photos is a nightmare. Most of mine are mortals roughly based on the gods and fit into the lore of TES. Honestly, I still think you should still pursue this brilliant idea and take it in a unique direction. 

    I also agree with BAD, you should plan it out. Set yourself the long term goal (Godhood) and think of how you will achieve that. Set short term achievements for yourself that you can complete in an episode or two to keep the viewers engaged as well as yourself.

    Best of Luck!!

    • Thank you very much for the feedback, Percival! Enjoy your mortal god builds :D

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