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Pretty straight forward poll this week; where will The Elder Scrolls VI take place?

We've known the game was on the way for a while now and theories from Hammerfell to Elswyr have been thrown out there. With E3 about to start will we find out where the next instalment in the series will take place? Perhaps even more insight into the story the game will follow and how the events of ES: V play into that. Discuss your theories below!

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  • At this point I don’t care if elder scrolls VI takes place at Walmart. I just want the next game to drop already.

    • Wakes up sat in a shopping cart.

      "Hey, you. You're finally awake."

      • The final boss is Karen and you must save the manager from her wrath. 

        • *Readies sword.*

          "She may have taken the kids, but we're gonna take her soul!"

  • I wouldn't even expect TESVI to actually be fully revealed at this E3.

    • they might tease it, play the elder scrolls theme on the speakers to kick off, but that might be about it

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