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Requiem Roleplay

Hey everyone, I'm about to start my first requiem playthrough and I wanted to know if there are any good accompanying RP mods worth looking at to compliment it.  I already have wintersun and ineed, but if there is anything I'm missing that gels well with requiem I'm all ears.

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  • Sorry this reply is so late, I must have forgotten to actually hit send on my last one after I typed it out. If you haven't found this out yourself already, Requiem itself offers a pretty good number of new role-playing options. You can be a repentant devotee of the Divines (I don't recommend this mechanically since you take a serious debuff), an infiltrator capable of successfully using a disguise against certain factions, a genuine master of the Thu'um who invests several perk points into the skill, an inspiring leader to your followers, an experimental alchemist who's permanently altered their body with night vision, regeneration, extreme strength, etc., stuff like that. Play around with the new perks.

    Beyond that, I'm a fan of the Relationship Dialogue Overhaul since it makes for much more natural role-playing with NPCs, and of course Alternate Start: Live Another Life lets you be much more flexible with how things start out and actually come up with a proper backstory that doesn't require every character to be captured by Imperials and sent to Helgen like in vanilla.

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