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Seeking RPers

I'm pretty sure ever since I hit the big 4 and 0 I have been suffering a mid life crisis.  Only instead of a motorcycle or sports car I have found myself returning to my gaming roots and collecting all sorts of table top rpgs, war games, and miniatures.  I've started attending the Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League at my local game shop so that I can play.  See I was always the Dungeon Master and never a player.  However, I still have a desire to run a game myself.

That's where this comes in.  I would like to gauge the interest of members of this great community in joining me in an RPG on Discord.

I have not come to many solid conclusions on exactly what will be run, when or how.  I have a few ideas on setting and rules systems but would always like to discuss those with the group before I ever set anything in stone.

If this sounds like something you might like to try then shoot me a message on Discord.


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  • Hey Toryn! Not too long ago Kendrix hit upon a similar idea and made her own TES themed Discord RP server. 

    Here's the link to it. https://discord.gg/WdHG42u

    If you happen to have ESO on PC and play in the North American (NA) mega server I highly recommend you join an RP guild called the Crimson Razors. I did and its been a blast ever since I joined. 

    Here's a link to their website. They'll want you to fill out a simple application. Don't worry about putting alot of detail into your character. Something as brief as a sentence or two will do. 


    • Hey thanks for the offers, Curse.  I'm on the hunt for some more traditional RP.  Dungeons and Dragons.  I'm also wanting to build my own sandbox rather than Tamriel.  

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