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So, what are you working on?

We’re all excited to chat about our next big creative project whether it be a new build, a new story, or anything. So, here’s a chance to brag about your next big project. 

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  • Not working on anything specific for character building or roleplaying, but I've been getting my game all set up again. Now, the problem I have is that I can't decide what playthrough to do. Each one has some big quests baked into the RP. 

    Nord Dragonborn-- undead hunter, dragon slayer going though main quest, Dragonborn DLC, Dawnguard

    Breton or Dark elf mage-- CoW, and Phenderix magic world as the 2 main quests, then Undeath.

    Bosmer werewolf - Companions, Dark brotherhood

    Redguard or Orc Vampire - Volkihar, pit fighter, raven gate


    I've got some base to backstories fleshed out for the dragonborn, Breton mage, and Bosmer werewolf. Thinking once I finish for the others I may be able to make a decision. Idk. They all seem interesting, but not sure in what order. 

    • Lots of really good choices there. Personally I like the red guard vampire idea the most.

  • I know Ive already posted on this thread, but as my brain is the irritating, jumpy thing it is I have since begun playtesting about twenty builds before getting sick of them all before level 10.  

    Currently have stuck with an Oblivion-based scout character though. Level 22 and still enjoying it so this could be the one!

    • Sometimes you can't really enjoy a build until you get everything right (level, equipment, etc.). I encourage to stick to whatever build you start, you might really enjoy it once it's at his peak

  • Creating and simulating my build..... I hope it's not very OP

  • A lot of great builds posted here recently! I was inspired to do another one. Like my previous builds, this one will be ESO-inspired, a Desert Wind Adept from the new Elsweyr chapter. Mix of unarmed, wind magic and restoration/alteration mastery, using the new Vokrii “vanilla+plus” perk overhaul (I am in love with it and will probably never go back to Ordinator), the Wintersun faith/meditation mod and a few others. It’s been awesome. 

    I am now on Special Edition and for the life of me i cannot find decent khajiit-monk-type clothing. I just want simple robes that look like pajamas or a karate gi, if anyone has any ideas let me know!

  • hello every one my name is Sah

    this one just finished making A Skyrim Story ... 16 episodes of all the Main Quest made into a massive movie

    currently is making a movie of The Dawnguard DLC called The Daughter of Coldharbour .... is up to episode 5 so far

    next the plan is to make a movie of all the Dragonborn DLC

    but the big dream is hopefully early next year is to Live Stream a Legendery Difficulty from level 1 playing Dead is Dead and with all skill trees set to zero .... thats my dream and what all the videos are building up too, what you see is real and first take combat

    this one has her plate full ... giggles

    PS you can see some of this ones work in the video section of The Sky Forge

  • Currently working on my build's backstory series, "the shinigami". I'm on act 8 now, but really having a hard time finishing it since workload's been heavy. Just playing through it now and hopefully might get more ideas for the backstory. The Shinigami is currently at level 60 now, figuring out a way to improve beyond the enchanting cap. Hahaha

    • Your story is coming out great so far so I’m pretty eager to see the completed build. 

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