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Taking it all the way...

Do you complete all the major questlines with every build you make?

Sometimes you might have a specific series of goals in mind for a character, especially a more rp one, so once these goals are achieved do you play out the main game and possibly abandon character driven play.  Or will you happily retire characters to your evergrowing number of saves?


Oh and Merry Christmas chaps !

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  • At the moment I'm playing a Nord black/white smith, trying to aspire to the level of work that his late Father was capable of.  Its an Ordinator mod build, I am not spamming the Smithing skill ( so no flooding the market with Dwemer bows ;)

    Unless he feels he has to help someone, he is trying to keep his nose out of trouble, but when in the wilds exploring for veins of ore, trouble seems to find him!

    He recently discovered that you can melt certain Dwemer scrap to cast fresh ingots, he is now looking to hire some muscle to help him explore these dangerous Dwarven ruins.

    Now when he reaches Ebony smithing ( His Fathers level, as there where not many Dragon bones available back then...)

    He will obviously be looking for something to do with his life, perhaps then he will feel the pull of his Dragonborn heritage?

    Not sure about any other main questlines though :/

  • I always restrict the quests I do with every character, I play the Dark Brotherhood questline last year for the first time despite me having Skyrim since launch because I had never played assassin-type characters until that point.

    Sometimes it makes enjoying the game hard because it is nearly impossible to not play the major questlines (especially the guilds) because of how Skyrim is set up.


  • Since I  usually use Become a Bard or Alternate Start, I restrict myself to questlines that would make sense for the character. If I'm playing a bard or landowner from a hold I'll tend to Tour Skyrim as a bard, a landowner will go kill Alduin just to safeguard his house. Now if I go for a highway man then I  still be more neutral than good, I prefer completing Daedric questions in that case.

  • I've never completed all major questlines on a single playthrough. It's always been something I thought i'd get to eventually, but once a build feels done, it's done. And gets put on the shelf. 

    • I am much the same as this. Also if the questline does not match the character I'm using I won't do it. Like I'd never do the Companions quest as a Mage type character, unless they were specifically interested in Lycanthropy for some reason. And even then it's a hard sell.

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