pox replied to Calcelmo's discussion Which build are you currently playing ?
"Playing a scrawny filthy Nord beggar, only using ragged robes at the moment and a steel dagger.  Ignoring main quests while I slowly level up my sneak, lockpick one handed, pickpocket and speech skills.  Seem to be running away a lot, I don't think…"
Jan 13, 2023
pox replied to XxBloodKnightxX's discussion What’s a mod you wish existed but doesn’t?
"To be able to take your adopted kids out hunting with you, but have them flee if anything too scary shows up :)"
Sep 27, 2022
pox replied to pox's discussion Taking it all the way...
"At the moment I'm playing a Nord black/white smith, trying to aspire to the level of work that his late Father was capable of.  Its an Ordinator mod build, I am not spamming the Smithing skill ( so no flooding the market with Dwemer bows ;)
Dec 23, 2021
pox posted a discussion
Do you complete all the major questlines with every build you make?Sometimes you might have a specific series of goals in mind for a character, especially a more rp one, so once these goals are achieved do you play out the main game and possibly…
Dec 22, 2021
pox posted a discussion
The actor & voice artist passed away yesterday, I just found out that Max von Sydow (Esbern) died last year  :(
Feb 6, 2021
pox replied to Telby's discussion Character Building Event: Supporting Characters in Skyrim Character Building
"Will there be links to the builds here, soon?   Apologies for my impatience ;)"
Sep 16, 2020
pox replied to Cannon's discussion Wallpapers thread
"This was on my phone for a few weeks a while back :P
Aug 25, 2020
pox replied to Sarah42's discussion wip event build a light of hope in the darkness in Skyrim Character Building
"I guess you could use the "Aura Whisper" shout as form of sonar, to help you track and engage foes."
Aug 12, 2020
pox replied to the_holy_dunsparce's discussion What are your favourite fantasy action/adventure games?
"Being an "old fart" my choices go back to the steam age, Baldurs Gate I &II  and the one that blew me away Planescape-Torment :)"
Aug 11, 2020
pox replied to Monad's discussion Is this working?
"Well I can see this and your comment on the Blackblood armour collection topic :)"
Aug 5, 2020
pox replied to Lucius's discussion Questions about writing.
"Well I am not a writer, I'd never even heard of those terms before.  As I understand it an Architect style, is where you have the story all mapped out in great detail and just have to guide the characters along their plotlines.  Discovery is where…"
Jun 30, 2020
pox replied to Henson's discussion How Do You Book?
"If my character would keep them, yes I hoard them.  Although I have an Orsimer who uses them as toilet paper (throws them in streams/ponds) or kindling (throws them in fires) ;)"
Jun 22, 2020
pox replied to Telby's discussion Let's have a Character Building Event/Challenge!!!
"I have never really tried a "support" character before and would be interested in how people make them a viable build.  You know where the pc is not actually the hero he just backs up a companion and guides him/her to glory.  I imagine you would…"
Jun 16, 2020
pox replied to Telby's discussion Let's have a Character Building Event/Challenge!!!
"Why not start as a begger, you will be scrawny, disheveled and filthy.  Due to malnourishment you cannot wear heavy armour nor wield 2hd weapons and your maximum carry weight is half of what it actually says.  Change the destiny of this poor wretch…"
Jun 9, 2020
pox replied to Henson's discussion Moments Of Awe
"Blackreach for me as well.  When you leave the Dwemer ruin part and step out into this eerily beautiful expanse...wow!
I feel sorry for the Falmer, never being able to see this place."
May 21, 2020
pox replied to Lucius's discussion What do you do when you are not gaming or making a build?
"Usually painting miniatures."
May 14, 2020

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