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TES Discussion - Rank the Races

Hey guys, Blacklight here.

We all have a preference for one or two races in the TES world. I want to know what your top races are and perhaps a brief description of why. Here is my list:


1) Altmer. I love their snobby attitude and also I love magic, so it's an obvious choice for me.

2) Nord. Their culture is really interestng, plus their accents are amazing. Also, axes.

3) Orc. I love the way they are like ME CRUSH YOU IF YOU NO LEAVE GROD ALONE

4) Bosmer. I really love archery and the fact that they are like canniabal short people.

5) Dunmer. I love their culture and also the way they are so obsessed with their ancestors.

6) Redguard. See those warriors from hammerfell? They have curved swords. BIG. CURVED. SWORDS.

7) Breton. I don't know, they never interested me much and they are to humble in my opinion.

8) Imperials. I have no idea why, I just hate them.

9) Khajiit. Their basically just high kittens, I don't see the appeal.

10)ARGONIANS! Disgusting things, and I would imagine they smell gross as well. Like old pondwater.


What's your top 10?

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  • I'm not racist
    • lmao good response

      neither am I in real life

  • I go for Nords and Argonians. Argonians just look badass and have a good special power. My lowest would be Redguards. They just generally suck all around.

    • Why nords
  • Should this question be considered more gameplay-wise or lore-wise?
    • Probably whatever reasons you have.

      • Probably, yeah
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    • 11) This is the best answer so far
      0) Let's go for tacos together sometime
      • Yes, thank you.

  • Ranking all ten would be tedious for me so I'll start with my two favs and then maybe later my two least favs.

    My top two are khajiits and bretons.

    The khajiit are a fascinating people. They're not very well understood by other races due to their very aloof and sometimes mysterious nature. They're a group that seldom dwell on what others think of them, and find the difficulty outsiders have in understanding them to be amusing. Khajiit are the most likely to defy ones expectation of them. Gameplay wise they make excellent assassins given their head start to assassin essentials like sneak and one handed.

    I like bretons purely for gameplay reasons. Their inate magic resistance and racial power work beautifully in so many build concepts. And some of my best builds are bretons.
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