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Now, a good twist, or reveal, in any piece of media, whether it be a book, a show, a movie, or even games, can really hook you in, or shock you. This is especially true if there was foreshadowing beforehand that you may see differently, either in hindsight, or on another playhthrough. Whether it be the classic "Would you kindly" within Bioshock, to perhaps the reveal of who your player character within Knights of the Old Republic 1 REALLY is, what are some of your favorites, and why?

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  • Yeah, BioShock Infinite, for sure, guys. It’s probably the best plot twist I’ve ever seen in games. As for movies, the Saw movie series is the most plot-twisting and thrilling I’ve ever seen!! Btw, Diablo II can also have shocking and unexpected twists. At least, my son thinks so. Though he buys many Diablo items on yesgamers site, he still thinks this game is very interesting. Anyway, I’m glad he’s found a game he likes. Btw, guys, do your kids play games? What are their favorite games?

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    • I do not have kids yet

  • I'm a fan of CS:GO, any thoughts on it?

  • This place sounds like the ultimate hangout spot for gamers and enthusiasts alike. Love that it's a space where we can dive into anything from Elder Scrolls to Fallout and all things video games. Totally down for that!Gotta say, those ground rules are spot on. Respect is key, and it's awesome to see a community emphasizing that. I'm all about spreading positivity and good vibes.Speaking of games, isn't CS:GO just the best? The strategies, the intensity—it's a whole different gaming experience. Bitskins has some neat CS:GO stuff; it's like a treasure trove for in-game items. The skins and market there are a game-changer, don't you think?

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  • Difficult to say, since there's a lot of really good ones. KOTOR's reveal is a really good turning point for the plot, and Sovereign in Mass Effect is one of the most memorable moments because of the sheer menace a Reaper exudes. Recently I also played Star Wars Jedi: Survivor; the ending of that game was heart-wrenching, and I've rarely seen negative character progression done that well in any media.

    But I'd say the one that really sticks to me is the ending of Final Fantasy X. Seeing Tidus just disappear is extremely painful to watch, and Yuna's speech at the end is so bittersweet that it's hard not to tear up at least a little bit.

    • KOTOR and such were really well done. Fair X was fine, I just think a lotta people overheated it cause of Tidus, at times out of context

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