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Now, a good twist, or reveal, in any piece of media, whether it be a book, a show, a movie, or even games, can really hook you in, or shock you. This is especially true if there was foreshadowing beforehand that you may see differently, either in hindsight, or on another playhthrough. Whether it be the classic "Would you kindly" within Bioshock, to perhaps the reveal of who your player character within Knights of the Old Republic 1 REALLY is, what are some of your favorites, and why?

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  • Definetly Bioshock 1. When I stumbled into that room with the giant red words: WOULD YOU KINDLY. And then realizing that we were brainwashed, mind blown.

    • Yeah, and then you flashback to all the times you did something or ever had the words "Would you Kindly?" said to you. Just damn. I legit cannot hear those three words together again and not be wary

  • In Fallout New Vegas there was Boone and like every other companion. There's also every vault's self contained story which built up to themselves beautifully.

    • Yeah, one of the strongest writing bits of every Fallout game is the Vaults, especially seeing what social experiment went awry

  • Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun when you realize the future emperor is the son of Mugen and Aiko. I never would have expected such a deep story and touching twist in a tactics game.

  • All games of the Fallout series have detailed and absorbing scripts written, IMHO. I started playing Fallout back in 2001 when Brotherhood of Steel came out. I get really annoyed when I get stuck in a game and can’t complete the quest for a long time. I usually play simple card games like online-solitaire.com to get my head clean. It works as if I restart my brain. Lately, these simple games take more and more of my time.

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    • Nice. Stardew Valley is one of my fave chill games

  • Bethesda games never really had great writing, but the moment where you have to choose between Thieves and Fighters Guild definitely stands out.

    Bt the one I really wanna mention is Dragon's Dogma. The main story is (or at least seems to be) rather lackluster throughout the game, but the moment you face Grigori really kicks up into high gear in an awesome way.

    • There's also the matter of Shadow of the Colossus.

      At first it seems like a generic 'Hero slays the beast and rescues the damsel' kind of straightforward plot with little else to it. But as you progress through the game more context comes into play it turns out you play as kind of a bad guy, or at least a self-absorbed kind of guy.

      I love how it makes you feel kinda awful about seeing it through to the end when you finally understand what's going on.

      • Yup, you find out "Oh, that mysterious Dorman guy was using you all along." especially when you see those dark tendrils go into you. I mean yeah, you're using it to resurrect a loved one, but you still almost released a demon into the world. At the least she comes back....and you're also now a horned baby like the MC of Ico

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