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What build should I do?

First off, yes Chaceito 2.0 is still going to be made some time don't worry. Secondly, for now I wanna work on something new because, as you could believe,  playing what is essentially the same character twice is mentally degrading. So I'm making this for two reasons...

1. I've been having a lot of build ideas swirling in my head but I've been struggling to figure out which to do first, so a little public input would be nice.

2. While I've got you guys here, I might as well ask how you test your builds in game, it usually takes me an eternity to get a character to a high level so any tips and tricks to test a build would be appreciated.

With that out of the way, here are some of the build ideas I've been brainstorming:

The Blood Beast: An unarmed vampire build that uses speed and unarmed buffs provided by Enairim (Enaision mods) to become a deadly predator.

The Battle Lich: After being kicked out of her stronghold for practicing necromancy, this Orc is on a mission to show that the undead don't always have to be feared.

The Engineer: Another orc with the rare gift of genius level intellect uses his trusty crossbow, autocannons and a wide variety of traps to explore the ruins of the dwemer he admires.

The Bulwark: An argonian who, after failing as his tribe's chief defender, seeks redemption through Arkay and destroying evil.

The Dark Vigilant: A former vigilant of Stendarr that renounced Stendarr in her darkest hour. She now uses the summoning techniques she swore off to twart evil her own way.

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  • I like the Dark Vigilant concept. 

    • Yeah, I felt like doing that idea next the most. I just think it's a novel concept that a vigilant of Stendarr begins to hate Stendarr but still remain wholly good. Also, let's just agree, everyone loves Conjuration. Also thanks for the tips on character building.

  • Right, so how to playtest? Generally I’m looking to find out 3 things when I playtest a build: 

    1. Do the mechanics actually work as I’ve described them?
    2. Is the build actually fun to play?
    3. Are any of the components of the build too difficult to obtain? How quickly can I get this build to where it can be played as intended?

    #1 is pretty self explanatory but #2 is probably the most important thing to account for. A build can look good on paper but in reality be an absolute chore to play - and the reasons for why are many. If a build feels like a chore to play, stop and reassess your build. 

    #3 is almost as important as #2. If it takes until level 40 or 50 before your build can begin to be played as it should, you’ll find it difficult to get people on board with playing your build. A good example would be a build revolving around a late game item one won’t encounter until hours into a quest line.




  • Personally I’d like to see the Bulwark get made.

  • go for Dark vigilant!

  • Dark vigilant sounds badass. I wonder how you'll execute it and how you'll explain the backstory too!

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