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What names have you given your enchanted gear?

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Arguably among the most enjoyable part of crafting in Skyrim is getting to slap a custom name on your enchanted gear. So, I'm curious to know what kind of cool, interesting, or absurd names you've come up with. 

 I'll be back in a bit to share some of mine. 

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    • Runescape enjoyer?

  • For my current playthrough, I've got an ancient Nordic Sword I named Heart Seeker. I made a Glass sword today but haven't enchanted it yet. I'm still thinking of a name for it.

  • Any rings I've gotten from my children in game I've enchanted and named after them so that way my Altmer has his family with him wherever he goes. 

    So like for exmaple, Sofie gave my altmer a gold and sapphire ring and I named it "Sofie's Spirit" and it fortifies heavy armor.

  • I named an ebony sword Vampire's Edge It had fear & absorb health.

  •  I named a hunter bow Atronach's wrath

  • I name my items based on two things:

    I. The character's build.
    II. Diablo II Set Items and Uniques that coincide with the build.

    • Example:

      Immortal King's Stone Crusher
           - Chaos Enchantment
           - Poison Enchantment


  • For me it all depends on the race I am palying as and which real world population impired said race. So for example if I choose an Imperial all my enhanted gear have Italian names.

    So like I would name my Sword "Deathblade" in Italian it would be "Lama Di Morte"

  • My last hardcore crafting playthrough used a brace of enchanted daggers whose charges he would burn through swiftly, after which he'd sell them for the materials to make more enchanted daggers. I called them Flame Needles, Frost Needles, and Storm Needles. Eventually I moved up to more powerful materials and maxed enchanting, so I made a Flame Damage/Fiery Souls Dagger named Heartdrinker, a Frost Damage/Absorb Stamina Dagger named Blooddrinker, and a Storm Damage/Damage Magicka Dagger named Spiritdrinker. I also had an Absorb Health/Chaos Damage dagger named Violence for general combat.

  • Seems like i'm kinda late to the party for this one.
    That said, i was running my unarmored battelmage for the longest time and had enchanted blades as part of my arsenal.

    Silver sword (as the only unarmored hybrid member of the companions): Blazesinger
    Enchants (Vanilla): Fire + Firey Soul Trap + 20 points damage to undead, vampires, werewolves & spiders (Default)
    Enchants (Modded): Sun Damage + Firey Soul Trap + 20 points damage to undead, vampires, werewolves & spiders (default)

    Steel sword: Stormblade
    Enchants: Frost Damage + Shock damage
    (effective against warriors, mages, dragons, giants, and any other mob in need of close quaters combat)

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