Screenshot & Art Request Thread

For those that are in need of all things art, this is a thread where you can reach out for help. Just drop a comment and if someone is available, you can PM them with further details. Feel free to ask for things such as screenshots, perkspreads, personal artworks, character portraits, banners, or text headers. You can even ask for assistance gathering images for your next Character Build, Story, Lore Discussion, or whatever you plan to create.


NOTE: Some requests may be out of reach for members to fulfill whether its due to time constraints or artistic talents. In such instances, please be respectful and understand the situation. You can try asking for assistance again at a later time and a member may be available.  

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Email me when people reply –


            • I did its 50 % more Perks

              • For the sake of my sanity what Level is the Build? With the wanted perks?

                • Level 40

                  • Here you go, if you need any changes let me know.


                    • Thank you very much 

  • is anyone available for requests?,if so I would like a character portrait and/or perk spread.

    • Hey man, sorry for the late reply. How can I help ya?

      • Shit sorry for responding so late,anyway 

        I would like a character portrait and/or perk spread 

        • Nah all good mate. I’m still happy to help ya. Got the details (perks, backgrounds picture etc)?

          • Sneak:

            Stealth 3/5

            Assassin's blade 


            Deadly aim 

            Muffled movement 

            Light armor:

            Agile defender 4/5


            Custom fit 


            Novice locks 

            Apprentice locks 

            Quick hands 


            Light fingers 2/5

            Night thief 


            Haggling 1/5



            One handed 

            Armsman 3/5

            Duel flurry 1/2


            Overdraw 1/5

            Steady hand 1/2

            Eagle eye 


            This is the only pic I could find for this 


















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