Blacklight's Edited Art Gallery

Hello, everyone, as some of you may know I am an absoulotely abysmal artist, however I do know a bit of editing. For my builds, I often will find a cool picture on the Internet and think "hey, that looks cool. I wonder what I could do with that."

I make a variety of images for my builds, so this is just a place where you can find all my artwork for my past/present/upcoming builds. Some of these (the first two) are made for other people's builds. I will most likely constantly be adding pictures. If you would like me to make an edit to an image for you please do not hesitate to PM me :)

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  • The first, second, and seventh images were made for "The Script-Maker" - a member of the TamrielVault.

    TamrielVault - Member Profile - The Script-Maker
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  • These look pretty nice
  • I'd ask if script maker knows of this site but I'm wary of doing so. His elemancer is really really similar to my force adept: same fighting style and perks with the exception of conjugation. He may want to consider giving that build a mention in the credits to avoid accusations of plagiarism.
    • Wow, it actually is really similar. I'll pass him a warning about that and perhaps mention the site in passing :D
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