Character Portrait & Screenshot Showcase


Hey guys, welcome to the Character Portrait & Screenshots Showcase! This is where you can essentially show off your characters' face be it attractive, menacing, or downright hideously deformed. Take a screenshot or even a picture of your TV screen if you have to that shows off your character's face and post it here. If you'd like you can even include a brief bio of your character or a description of where you got your inspiration for your character's appearance.

You may take screenshots of your character from any Elder Scrolls or Fallout game. 

Somewhere out there is a mod that 'records' the sliders in case you ever want to replicate say someones character completely. I'd love to see what you guys have got!

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    This is Arenae, a member of the Berne vampire clan. Like all members of her clan she is agile, stealthy, and excels in hand to hand combat. 

    • Really diggin the dark ninja vibe here!

      • Thanks. It’s precisely what I was going for. 

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    as I only just created this character a few minutes ago, I don't have anything more exciting than profile shots, but either way, I think she's a worthy edition to the thread.

    Meet Lyris, the Sun-Singer. One of few surviving Snow Elves, she was once an Acolyte of Auri-El but when the Falmer society collasped, she fled, following the instructions of an other-worldly voice - a voice which she knew in her heart belonged to an aspect of Auri-El. She waited for centuries, biding her time, slowly increasing her magickal abilities, before resurfacing in the world to join the College of Winterhold in an attempt to amass more power and allies in her upcoming war on the unworthy. Often mistaken for a pale Altmer, the few who recognize her as a Snow Elf are careful enough to not allow it to come to the attention of anyone who might do her harm. She currently studies the arts of restoration and destruction in the college, hoping to learn enough, quickly enough to carry out the instructions left to her from Auri-El. She searches to "reassemble" the Staff of the Sun-Singer, a powerful staff that harnesses the power of the sun itself, sending out rays of sunlight that deal fire damage and bonus damage to undead. She despises undead of any form and has an equal distaste for Daedra, though she tolerates the latter just enough to use them for aid if the need arises. Her quest is to stamp out any and all creatures who sully the name of her lord and savior, Auri-El.

    required mods:

    Schlongs of Skyrim (only because the Snow Elf race mod requires it)

    Apachii SkyHair (same reason as above)

    KS Hairdos (same reason as above)

    Ancient Falmer - A True Snow Elf Race SSE (the only mod of real importance)


    I'll be sharing more shots of her as her adventures unfold and her powers grow

    • Wow that looks amazing. I’ve always wondered how a lone surviving snow elf would integrate within skyrim, and it looks like you have all that and more figured into your backstory. 



    Greetings traveller

    may i introduce myself, my name is Ulgrog the Clever. I was born as an Orc in one of the strongholds. My family and the other orcs always made fun of me, cause I'm weak. But they will bow to me, 'cause who needs an axe when he can punch his enemy with a fireball in the face. So I left the stronghold to join the College of Winterhold. Well those freaking idiots told me i would not be clever enough, 'cause I am an orc.  They will regret their mean words I will make them pay all of them. So I left those warriors and bookworms behind me. What I am up to? I am searching for the ultimate power of the road, to become the greatest mage in all of Skyrim.


    • You have a very fascinating character. Not every day you see an orc mage. 

      • Thx curse^^

    • pretty unique idea! i like it! but why would the college say you're not clever enough as an orc when an orc runs their library? you'd think the librarian to be the cleverest of em all, especially considering the legnths he goes through to hide the atronach forge AND the daedric gauntlet

      • youve got a poitn ;) Still I think the college has prefs in choosing their members: their is one orc, one nord and a bunch of elfs and bretons. Maybe Urag gro-Shub got inside because he has mage ancestors. Ulgrog does not show any talent at all and regrets to understand why he should pay 30 septimes so that the elf at the front door teach him a spell he doesnt know a thing about.

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