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I dabble in digital art and often draw my original characters. So, I wonder if anyone else would be willing to draw one of their favorite Skyrim characters and share them with the rest of the group. Here's a thread to show off hand made pictures of your original characters

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    • 14 year old you is way better than 23 year old me :D

    • This is not a bad start – you have a solid silhouette to work with. To improve upon this, try referencing poses of some modern-day archers and practice sketching out the forms. Once you have a solid skeleton to work off of, you can start fleshing out the character’s design and details!

  • Here's a rough sketch I made of the Blight character build. 



    • Very nice as always, and the composition is especially exeptional. The framing really adds to the sinister tone of the character.

      • Thanks Erinoth! When I took the screenshot I knew right way the pose would be perfect to draw. 

    • Really like how sinister this one looks. Would be be interested to see how it would look in full color too

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    Here's a WIP sketch of the dynamic between my main LDB, Wulfgar Silver-Tongue,  and his "shadow", Arngarth Silver-Tongue. Basically, the message I'm trying to convey is that despite their hard-set differences, they are one and the same being, hence the similar matter in which their eyes glow in the sketch.


    If you look closely, the LDB has sharp teeth and slit pupils, characteristic of a dragon. It just shows that the number of dragon souls he had collected during his adventures is so great that he's beginning to show inhuman physical changes as a result. He has a tail, but the angle doesn't allow it to be shown properly, sadly. I'm working on a small project in which it shows how he has changed throughout the course of "Skyrim" by level progression, so once I get that done, you'll be able to see his glorious tail c;

    • Very nice – I particularly like the detailing of the armor, and the hair is well executed. Your character’s gestures and poses are well executed. If I were to denote a place for improvement, I would say focus on smoothing out lines – this can be done by utilizing both the elbow and shoulder when drawing lines. It takes much practice, but I know you can do it!

  • A recent exercise I’ve done – A found an artwork I considered challenging and broke it down into a basic form. I proceeded to attempt to recreate the piece through reference alone. I present Loona from the show Helluva Boss.


    • That looks great dude! 

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